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Third Sentence Thursday

The Program by Suzanne Young

“But he couldn’t save Brady-neither of us could.”

I couldn’t have randomly opened the book and stumbled upon a better third sentence. 128 more words

Suzanne Young

I hear it coming.

Recently someone shared with me their story. Rarely at a meeting have I encountered someone who makes direct eye contact when they speak. This woman though needed me to hear her story. 391 more words



So while avoiding school work I decided to go through and update my TBR Jar! I can’t believe that I have 90 books on my TBR List. 68 more words


I've never seen anyone who wants it this bad.

I had a challenging weekend. Chris would tell you that my spark is dim, but I’ll return to myself soon. He said something to this effect earlier to me. 652 more words


Without you the seeds root.

I forget my higher power when anxiety is high. It’s not just a normal "forget". I mean his whole existence is wiped from my brain. 251 more words


Review: The Program

This past week I read The Program, written by Suzanne Young and it left me with chills and wanting to read the next one soon. 410 more words

Amber is the color of your energy.

I just barely made it through the day. My hamster died and a friend came over for dinner and a visit I had high hopes for quickly turned not high and it was all out of my hands except the food.* And so I wanted to eat. 191 more words