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Holy Sharknado, it's Really Happening

I was writing along today, enjoying myself, working on a cute little scene between the hero and the love interest, and WriteMonkey’s little heads-up display bar ticked over. 883 more words


Tone it Down (Pun intended, but I regret it now)

I’m struggling a lot with tone today.  No, not my shower- or car-singing (always pitch-perfect, thanks very much).  That is, the way I’m saying the things I’m trying to say.  1,091 more words


Time, as they say, marches on.

Yesterday’s roadblock felt like a monstrous one. I am happy to say, however, that as with all things, a bit of time and a simple willingness to return to work and keep moving forward have righted the ship.

843 more words

Good Day / Bad Day

What the sharknado just happened?

I was sitting here, polishing off the last of my lunchtime Diet Coke, writing the last three hundred words of my session for today, when all of a sudden I run, full on, into a wall.  589 more words


Spring is coming...so they say...

An almost unreal weather reversal in Vermont these last few days.  Temps topped out over eighty on Monday.  Yesterday the wind switched from south to north and brought with it an inch of snow!  714 more words

The Project

The Howler Monkey of Doubt

It’s a widely-held aphorism amongst creative types that we tend to be our own worst critics. This is doubly true.

In the first sense, we are our own worst critics in that I am certainly not aware of anybody out there who judges my own work more harshly than I do myself. 596 more words