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The Howler Monkey of Doubt

It’s a widely-held aphorism amongst creative types that we tend to be our own worst critics. This is doubly true.

In the first sense, we are our own worst critics in that I am certainly not aware of anybody out there who judges my own work more harshly than I do myself. 596 more words


Beauty in Your Deepest Presence (This Moment Now)


When I began to write this project, one of the things I was thinking most about was becoming more conscious of my own mind and how it works – but this is not to say I think I have in any way an exceptional mind, because I don’t. 1,405 more words

A Photographic Study of Hypermobility

With this series I want to present Hypermobilty photographically, to show that not all medical conditions are visible. The act of photographing a subject makes the reader of the image engage with it. 85 more words


Security Issue now fixed at Your Biz Cafe.

Wow. What is this about? Well, every blog needs a guaranteed security plugin. Now I’m not going to name the plugin. However, it was blocking access to other plugins that Your Biz Cafe needs and locking people out of their websites. 56 more words

The Project