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Stages of Grief

You know, when I first started on this stupid ass journey to the Philippines, I was only concerned with one thing. That one thing was my husband. 1,934 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness

early morning thoughts

the beginning of the summer you were still my bear. you were still everything i wanted you to be, but then there it is.

there’s the white elephant in the room. 646 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness

catharsis |kəˈTHärsis|

I hope he is happy. I hope the divorce does not ruin his life.

I hope the same for myself.

My thoughts driving home from work are so random and odd at times. 171 more words

The Divorce Chronicles

If our love's insanity, then why are you my clarity? [moving forward]

He refuses to “live the way I do” because we have “such a fundamental difference in the way we view the world”. We’re different, we’ve always known that we were. 2,727 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Hello Bear

I’m home.

I would have texted you but my heart can’t handle that right now.

I’m doing alright. The flight was bumpy and the crew wasn’t as nice this time around but it was okay. 39 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness