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A Flash Interlude - 1:25 a.m.

I awoke to loud voices coming from downstairs. It was 1:25 a.m. I looked at my clock twice to confirm it. The words “simple syrup” made it upstairs. 84 more words


but what if

i’m a trapped bird.

and i want to spread my wings

make stupid decisions

and love endlessly

The Pursuit Of Happiness


The only bad thing, about being someone who loves. Is falling for someone and then someone else. You fall for both them, but you don’t know who you like more, or who is a better fit. 10 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The pursuit of something special

We’re down to hours, hours until I hop on a plane and see you. This is going to be good. I deserve this. I deserve the amount of happy you make me because right now, you make me giddy. 60 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness

All it takes is a little connection

Being halfway across the world isn’t hard when the person you’re talking to likes you enough💛

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Positive vs. Negative Reinforcement

the power of reward and association. the brain does some weird things.

i gotta blog about this because it affected me the other day, i was explaining to one of my friends. 932 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness

My memory misses you, it asks about you all the time

This is honestly a double bladed sword. Dealing with this, this stress of just everything. I’m still living in a place I hate, I’m still doing the same things I’ve been doing since I got here. 1,451 more words

The Pursuit Of Happiness