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The Heart of Everealm: Part 1

As WeGeekGirls mentioned last week, we were able to interview 3 Executive Producers behind the new ABC show The Quest. That exclusive is coming soon, I promise BUT I wanted to first share something from my heart (where I can be opinionated and personal). 719 more words

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The Quest, Episode 5: Under Siege

Greetings, fellow wannabe-Paladins. How you doin’? Me, I’m really sleepy. I had a super busy week, and on top of that, ABC has decided to start airing… 3,493 more words

The Quest

The Quest : A Competitive Fantasy Reality Show

If any of you follow me on Twitter [@JabberwockyLady] you may have noticed that I went a little crazy with this show called The Quest… 795 more words

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Accounting 101 AKA How To Take A Person's Money Legally and Oh I'm Not Evil I just Like Wearing The Evil Uniform

Draco keeps seeing this commercial for a new show called “How To Get Away With Murder” about some over dramatized criminology class. Here are Draco’s thoughts on the commercial in the form of an extended dialogue from the instructor played by that one lady everyone forgot about after her one successful movie. 715 more words


The Quest Episode 6 Recap

ccooony: In episode 6, with only seven Paladins remaining, the time until Verlox’s approach was getting closer and closer. Everyone had been enjoying themselves at the end of the last episode with everyone singing the song that Bonnie had written for Sir Ansgar. 998 more words


The Quest is The Best

My mother bought one of the first “big” televisions back in the 50’s.  By “big,” I mean 21″ black and white.

So, I grew up with Ozzie and Harriet, Gunsmoke, and Howdy Doody.  228 more words


Stephen King and W. H. Auden inspired by the same Jungian archetype?!?!

Well, probably not … as Auden’s manmade “Tower” does sound different than King’s nexus of all realities.  Nor does “The Quest,” the set of poems from which this is selected, parallel Roland’s journey. 111 more words