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The Impossible Dream

Have you ever had one of those days when you wished you had stayed in bed?  Well, when things look bleak, it’s time to sing.  Here’s a song that will cheer you up and give you courage to face the day. 161 more words


The Slave Pens (Pt. 5)

The party instructed the newly freed slaves to go down the stairs and join the rest of the former slaves holed up in the storage room, and to deliver the few weapons that the insect-man held to the guards outside the room.   769 more words

The Quest

Creative Culture

I have been watching countless videos on YouTube, about people and projects in New York, San Francisco and other creative hot spots and feeling really inspired by what I’m seeing. 342 more words

The Quest

Where there's a will there's a way

I might have to upgrade my high school courses before getting accepted into the program I want to attend at my school of choice. At first I was a little upset about this, crushed by the idea of slowing down the momentum propelling me in the direction of my dream, but I realized that it is a part of the same process. 114 more words

The Quest

When People Do That Thing

Have you ever seen someone doing something you know you’d be great at, and you maybe secretly have always wanted to do that?

They put in time to get there, and effort. 133 more words

The Quest

The Slave Pens (Pt. 4)

Once the slaves were all released from their iron cages, they were instructed to take shelter in the nearby storage room and wait for the party’s return.   800 more words

The Quest

The Slave Pens (Pt. 3)

The lifeless body of the nearly-decapitated orc fell unceremoniously into the cold, dirty water of the slaver compound’s sewer.  The body bobbed a few times as it slowly drifted off in the gentle current, then disappeared below the water’s murky surface.   884 more words

The Quest