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Day 1: So it begins.

Starting today, I hereby take oath of purity that I will abstain from all wrong habits for a year. This blog will act as my daily journal. 259 more words


Error! Report #146

This week we talk about Destiny and reality TV! 60 more words


The Unreality of Fantasy-Reality Television

This summer/fall, ABC aired a new reality TV program entitled The Quest. The idea was to make a competitive reality TV show, but have it set in a fantasy world. 1,039 more words

Critiques, Theories, And Random Thoughts

The Quest: season in review

Now that the first (and perhaps only) season of The Quest has come to a close, I thought I’d put my thoughts out there on the good, the bad, and the completely unbearable aspects of this unique, yet sadly underwhelming new take on reality TV. ¬† 1,264 more words


"The First Temptation," by W. H. Auden

(Part VI of “The Quest”)

“The First Temptation”

Ashamed to be the darling of his grief,
He joined a gang of rowdy stories where
His gift for magic quickly made him chief… 87 more words

The Quest Episode 10 (Finale) Recap

ccooony: With only three Paladins left, everyone could tell that the end was near and that they would have to go through one more test to determine who would be the one true hero. 1,120 more words


The Quest Episode 9 Recap

ccooony: Everything is peaceful in the morning at their camp until the group is ambushed and surrounded by creatures who proceed to bring them to their chief. 642 more words