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Last night I tried Pilates for the first time and was pleasantly surprised!

After spending the day having a mini meltdown over my weight gain, I figured I need to get active. 205 more words

The Quest

Prima Ballerina V2

Wow. I have just returned from my ballet class and couldn’t wait to share my experience.

Due to lack of numbers the beginners and higher classes have been merged into one… Guess what? 233 more words


Why be helpless when you can be awesome instead?

Being completely honest, the last week or so has been a real struggle. I had a five day break between gabapentin and starting pregablin and the pain has been relentless. 295 more words

The Quest

The Quest #10: The Closing Chapter, First and Last Words


If you are interested in the story of the Chilkoot Trail and the Klondike Gold Rush this link is a great place to begin- 232 more words

The Quest

Moaning Mini

So this week hasn’t been my most favourite of weeks. Starting gabapentin gave me a whole range of side effects but on Tuesday it knocked me for six. 174 more words

The Quest

Easy Taxi Nigeria Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Easy Taxi, Nigeria’s foremost taxi requesting company who recently turned one, celebrated its one-year milestone with a first of its kind event – The Quest in Lagos, Nigeria.  301 more words

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The Quest #9: Faith for the long haul

Q1: Have you ever had a time in your life in which you have become complacent in your faith? What helped you break free from that complacency? 233 more words

The Quest