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The importance of keeping good company

And keep thy soul content

With those who call 

On their Lord morning 

And evening, seeking

His Face; and let not 

Thine eyes pass beyond them,  213 more words

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Resisting the zeitgeist: a never-ending battle

We like people to accept what we say, so when they don’t, their peer pressure may coerce us into changing positions in order for us to be accepted by them. 35 more words

The Qur'an

Vacuous overload

 Solution? Read the Holy Quran today


Why do God's people suffer? The Quran has the answer

On my way home from work today I was reflecting on this amazing passage from Surah Al-Baqara

O ye who believe! seek help

With patient Perseverance… 86 more words


Noah the Movie: An Islamic Perspective - Dr. Shabir Ally

Noah, a recent hollywood blockbuster, has sparked some curiosity and debate. Some Middle Eastern countries have banned the film. Dr Shabir Ally compares this hollywood Noah to the Islamic and Biblical prophet Noah.

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The Glorious Qur´an

 Surah 50 verse 1. Qaf 

 I n  t h e  n a m e  o f  A l l a h,  M o s t  G r a c i o u s,  M o s t  M e r c i f u l. 129 more words

The Qur'an

Why is Obama Admin Spending $400K on a Camel Sculpture in Pakistan?

And Democrats deny that they have a spending problem…

Even though President Obama and his team routinely cozy up to the poor in an effort to appear as crusaders for the underclass, the president simply refuses to practice what he preaches. 529 more words