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Do you want to know more about Islam?

Then forget that strange sect known as Wahhabism; forget the liberal modernists of Quilliam; forget the extremist supporters of Al-Qaeda.

Instead, look into the classical, traditional, orthodox, Islam exemplified by such writers as Hamza Yusuf, Tim Winter and Gai Eaton. 1,407 more words


John The Baptist Wrote The Quran.

The Prophet known as John the Baptist was the Prophet to whom the Quran was revealed.  The Quran was revealed to John towards the end of his life before the destruction of the Temple known as The Second Temple.  1,360 more words


Overview of the Bible

I would like to begin by giving a preliminary overview of the Bible and its message. It is likely that you have some knowledge of the Bible already but it seems good to begin with the very basics so that nothing is left out or misunderstood. 381 more words

The Bible

The importance of keeping good company

And keep thy soul content

With those who call 

On their Lord morning 

And evening, seeking

His Face; and let not 

Thine eyes pass beyond them,  213 more words

The Qur'an

Resisting the zeitgeist: a never-ending battle

We like people to accept what we say, so when they don’t, their peer pressure may coerce us into changing positions in order for us to be accepted by them. 35 more words

The Qur'an

Vacuous overload

 Solution? Read the Holy Quran today