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Everybody Rag

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on FB lately – you know the kind:

Actually, it isn’t just lately. Many FBers like to post inspirational stuff. 362 more words

The Rag

Hidden Rag

An old poem, revised recently and presented for your consideration. Your thoughts?

Cold threads of indecision wind me ’round.

 Emotion races ahead of reason giving… 181 more words

The Rag

Expectation is a Strange and Ugly Beast

Expectation is a strange and ugly beast. Most of the fights and nearly all of the heartache in this world can be boiled down to unmet expectations.   324 more words

The Rag

Fun Facts Rag

Every profession has its issues. For writers, one of the issues is distractions. Even necessary things like eating, interaction with family, and research can, if allowed to reign unchecked, wreak havoc with a writer’s work ethic. 392 more words

The Rag

Top Ten for Tuesday, on Wednesday

Occasionally, in my electronic travels, I come across a list. Some are smart, others are funny, some are just plain weird. My favorites are the “Top Ten Things I’ve Learned” type. 232 more words

The Rag

Pageant Rag

Today is day two of pageant Hell week and I’m tired, a bit frayed at the edges.  I know it’s going to get worse before it gets better, but that’s ok.  411 more words

The Rag

Surprised Rag

I love surprises - roses for no reason, picking out a shirt you really like and THEN finding out its on sale, surprise parties, fire works, unexpected chocolate. 348 more words

The Rag