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Bruges: What Happened Here?

A real place in the realms: What Happened Here?

If you’ve seen the movie In Bruges, you’ve seen this bell tower before, but what was its significance? 51 more words


Viking with a crooked helmet

I only drew this for the boots. Seriously, everything else just sort of evolved.


A Likeable Blog

Truly amazing that I have achieved this in the last couple of months! Thank you to all the follower’s that like the content of this blog. 140 more words

The Real World

What Do I Want?

The ultimate question. One that I have asked myself several times in the last few months. For now, I’d say a 6-pack of PBR, the new season of Orange is the New Black, and a bearded hipster with an obscure major and a “fuck the man” attitude. 951 more words

So a Christian Walks Into a Bar...

My drink of choice was “Under 21″ and they stamped it right onto my hand like some kind of anti-alcohol force field. I’ve never quite understood why people who can’t drink are even allowed in some bars. 812 more words


Do Not Pass Go [one of (4, so far)...]

I never imagined I’d go to jail.  A few months ago, the impossibility became real.  I thought I might spend a night in the town lock-up after bail wasn’t mentioned during my arrest after a nightmarish evening.   1,674 more words