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What Do I Want?

The ultimate question. One that I have asked myself several times in the last few months. For now, I’d say a 6-pack of PBR, the new season of Orange is the New Black, and a bearded hipster with an obscure major and a “fuck the man” attitude. 951 more words

So a Christian Walks Into a Bar...

My drink of choice was “Under 21″ and they stamped it right onto my hand like some kind of anti-alcohol force field. I’ve never quite understood why people who can’t drink are even allowed in some bars. 812 more words


Do Not Pass Go

I never imagined I’d go to jail.  A few months ago, the impossibility became real.  I thought I might spend a night in the town lock-up after bail wasn’t mentioned during my arrest after a nightmarish evening.   1,656 more words

On waxing table legs

This is my table.

It’s a work in progress at the moment.

A couple of years ago a friend saw it sitting forlornly on a pavement, thought of me and rescued it by packing it into her huge van and bringing it over. 264 more words

Doodle Musings

Just messing around...

Not really RPG related, but a doodle that might interest some folks:


On letting the side down

Dear amazing women of the world,

I apologise.

I apologise for letting the side down. Again.

I apologise for not being able to compare to your incredible standards of awesomeness. 381 more words

Doodle Musings

On doing things for other people

I’m not actually sure that this applies to anyone else, but it’s something that really bothers me.

If you’re going to do something for me, do it because you want to and not in order to tell me about having done it (because,  chances are, I would have done it if you hadn’t got there first). 62 more words

Doodle Musings