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“But, on the contrary, as the Scripture says, What eye has not seen and ear has not heard and has not entered into the heart of man, all that God has prepared for those who love Him.   621 more words

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Who Was The Land Beast Of Revelation 13? (Part 2 of 2)

Who Was The Land Beast Of Revelation 13?

By Don K. Preston  (Part 2 of 2)

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Video #8:

We have some indicators, some very powerful evidence in Revelation that helps us identify the land beast and also the specific framework in which we must place that land beast.  3,867 more words

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Who Was The Land Beast Of Revelation 13? (Part 1 of 2)

Who Was The Land Beast Of Revelation 13?

By Don K. Preston  (Part 1 of 2)

Youtube Video Series Link

These are the notes I took while watching Don Preston’s video serious of the same name, so the writing style is a bit more relaxed and casual.   2,996 more words

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Isaiah Puts It ALL Together...

What does the book of Isaiah have to say about the Resurrection, Salvation, the Regathering of Israel, the Inclusion of the Gentiles, the Judgment, the Slaying of Satan/Leviathan, the Vindication of the Martyrs, and the Messianic Wedding Banquet? 3,826 more words

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A Tribute to The Saint John's Bible

Lisa Nichols Hickman suggests doodling some butterflies in Mark as in the St. John’s Bible, so I googled “The Saint John’s Bible.”  Whoa!  Can I just say that I am glad she suggested this toward the middle of her book.  424 more words

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Why I Don't Fast

I don’t fast. Many Christians extol fasting as a spiritual discipline, a catalyst of spiritual power, and an exercise in humbling oneself.   I understand the reasons others choose to fast, and I respect their convictions. 568 more words


The Resurrection Of The Dead

This study was compiled from notes I took while viewing the video series by Don K. Preston, D.Div.  There were 25 short videos in this series and the link is posted below the title if you wish to view them. 8,378 more words

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