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The Rite 2011

It’s difficult to deny it that The Rite film is regarding guilty of sins in counter to its viewers. But you have to appreciate movie makers who can imagine that The Exorcist can never be a hit movie with a touch of actual discovery. 385 more words

The Rite

Rene and I saw “The Rite” last night. I really liked it actually.
It is very interesting and holds the tension all the way.

Anthony Hopkins is brilliant in this movie :)

The Rite

Tonight while the weather’s cold, forget your own body, beholden your soul.  In thrilling moments while change draws near, smile with your last breath, cancel your fears.  300 more words


I just spent 31 of your hard-earned dollars and you will thank me for it later

I’ve been working on my click-bait headlines. How am I doing, UpWorthIt?

Okay, emotional manipulation aside, there are many ways you could spend $31. You could buy this… 538 more words

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