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Who built the Great Wall of China?

Everyone knows the Great Wall is large and supposedly even visible from outer space. Turns out it’s indeed huge, in fact it’s recently been measured in detail by Chinese authorities (2009). 485 more words

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Michelangelo's David

Florence, Italy. There are statues and there are states. In Florence one can still see one of the truly great works of the Renaissance, Michelangelo’s David. 184 more words

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Today in World History: December 15th

Nero, 5th Emperor of the Roman Empire, was born today in the year 37 A.D.. Often known as a crazed man who enjoyed strange acts such as drinking liquid gold, he sponsored the arts, and built glorious palaces, albeit expensive ones that drained the Roman treasury. 56 more words


Top Ten uses of “Top Ten”

Book Review: More than a couple of thousand years ago Rome organized its vast armies into manageable units of 100 highly trained soldiers. Officers leading each of these units into battle were known as centurions, based on the Latin, … 663 more words

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New arrivals

While having been quite busy lately editing films for my blog posts, I’m actually supposed to be doing something else. I’m currently researching an upcoming Thesis about the Roman presence in Gaul during the reign of Augustus. 219 more words

The Roman Empire

Caesar’s Murder Scene

Largo di Torre Argentina, Rome. Four republican temples were discovered here in 1926. The temples were right next to Pompey’s theatre. Caesar was stabbed on the steps of the Curia. 36 more words

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Antonine Baths

Carthage, North Africa.

Antoninus was roman emperor between AD 138 until his death in AD 161. He was adopted in his 50’s by Hadrian, who probably waited for his favorite – later emperor Marcus Aurelius – to be ready. 70 more words

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