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Study Says "African American" is Better Than "Black"

I recently read an article from The Root about what white people consider is better for black people to be called, “Black” or “African-American”. The… 580 more words

Has the Great Recession Wiped Out a Black Generation?

One of the hidden secrets behind the Great Recession is the role different generations have played in the downturn. There are about 78 million baby boomers and about 82 million millennials tweeting away, but Generation X? 654 more words

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The Root: 5 Best States for Black People

Wrote this by popular demand for The Root! Here are the best states for black people. According to my own research, either I need to pack my bags and take my talents to Hawaii or I need to take a short train ride to Maryland. 189 more words

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The Root: Abolish Voter Registration! (Make It Automatic for the People)

Today for The Root I counter that whole “two thirds of eligible voters did not vote in the last election” stuff with a solution to improve turnout. 325 more words

The Root: Bill Cosby Can't Escape History of Rape Allegations

On The Root today I have a timeline of sexual assault allegations against comedian Bill Cosby. It’s a timeline of alleged horrors. 141 more words

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When we expect anything, we set ourselves up for disappointment, because when it doesn’t happen, well you know.


The Root: Nonvoters, Go Vote Anyway. You need to.

Ahead of today’s midterm elections across the country I wrote a piece for The Root about nonvoters being the main voters who need to go vote. 220 more words

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