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"Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die"*...

Further to Wednesday’s almanac entry on America’s first independent municipal sewer system

Sometime in mid to late January, researchers from MIT plan to gather around a manhole on Portland Street in East Cambridge, dressed in plastic disposable biohazard coats and gloves.

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A study of the rose

A walk through an artistic obsession – the study of the rose. Time and patience are the main requirements, so this was a good one to pick up during the Christmas break. 98 more words


Movie Wisdom - David Keith Edition

My fandom of University of Tennessee athletics has been mentioned several times on this blog. We have had season tickets for football and basketball for decades, and I have been lucky enough to attend hundreds of games. 239 more words


The Rose

The petals of her heart

For a time in bloom

Weathered by the elements

Of days faded one by one

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The Rose

This is my favorite song at the moment. I think it is beautiful. It makes me feel sad but it also gives me hope that anyone can find love. 179 more words