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Prince Harry Takes Three Photos of People in Lesotho; World Goes Nuts.

First, let me invite you to look at Prince Harry’s Getty Images portfolio, freely available for anybody to peruse, however not linked in any one of the articles I will post below. 456 more words

Black And White

Mongrel Vs Purebreed

Okay, I know gossiping to the old man that regularly drink in the pub I work doesn’t really count as research, however today they got on to the topic of mixed-race people and I was overjoyed and enthralled¬†with the positive criticism that I heard despite being compare to a dog. 123 more words

British/ African Sub-Culture

David Icke : Royal Political Paedophilia How The Global Pieces Fit

More revaluations from David Icke.

David has been at the forefront exposing the Evil Conspiracy of the Global Elites for over Two Decades. LINK Below. 52 more words

The State Of The Nation

The Not So Royal Family Thieves Of The World " Warning Not For Minors "

Here’s the alternative Royal Family, the portrayal here is not that reported in the Daily Mail, or broadcast via SKY or the BBC.

Their persona exudes charisma a stage presence as it were, but then Adolf Hitler had the same allure. 127 more words

UK Politics

Keith Olbermann Calls Royal Etiquette Expert The World's Worst Person And He's Not Wrong

On Monday night, LeBron James put his arm around Kate Middleton for a picture following their game against the Nets. Everyone flipped out about it and our friends across the pond got their knickers in a bunch because someone dared touch Princess Kate with a sweaty arm. 113 more words


LeBron James commits a royal faux pas

LeBron James commits a royal faux pas

When LeBron James met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this week after a game, he committed a huge faux pas when he put his arm around the Duchess during a photo-op. 393 more words


Hip-Hop Royalty Meets British Royalty

Prince William and Kate Middleton were approached by the hip-hop couple Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Brooklyn Nets basketball game against the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this week. 129 more words