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Battle of Bir Bar 'el

Since explaining combat in the  Battle of WASHBOARD RIDGE, infantry stands have been reduced in strength by 3, reverting to the original version of NQM. See how this works with a combined infantry and tank brigade assault against  a defending battalion with anti-tank support. 166 more words

15mm Miniatures Wargames

2. The Rules

Piece of advice number 2. from G. was ‘Make Rules’. She suggested that it really is better to make some rules before another person is involved. 558 more words

Long Distance

Cycling snobbery

I don’t mean to be a snob. I really don’t. However, It does perplex me when I do see certain things whilst at events or out on the road. 563 more words


A Wee Word of Caution

I have just come off the phone with my favourite fellow single lass, Newly Singles Lass, and feel the need to spread some advice I have just given her. 211 more words

Let Him Eat Cake

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We all know this is true. It is proven by the weight put on by men who are happy in relationships – when Rugby Lad put on a few pounds once we moved in together he complained to his club captain. 656 more words

The Rules

We like to think that we’re an open minded bunch but with the increased numbers of cyclists turning to road cycling it’s our duty to encourage everyone to understand & obey the… 75 more words


The 'rules' are actually the worst.

You’ve been on a couple of dates with a really cute guy and you think, maybe this time it will be different. No, you’re not the exception, you are the rule.   563 more words