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The Rules (of establishing breastfeeding

I learnt ‘The Rules’ from the marvellous Maddie McMahon at Developing Doulas.

Breastfeeding sometimes seems so complicated, especially when it’s not going well. Like Maddie, I deal with a lot of tongue-tied babies, and so a situation where either baby can’t latch, or won’t because of trauma, or mum cannot latch baby on because of pain or nipple trauma, is sadly not all that uncommon for me. 290 more words


Make men the side dish

The most obvious way to make men the side dish is by being SINGLE.

Now, I don’t mean to tell you to STAY single. But if you are single anyway, there is no better time to become your own main course than now. 553 more words


Rule #2: Women and Children First, Then Old Men, Then Young Men

Image: Woman and Children

Walking through a door? You guessed it. Women and children first. Thinking of sitting down on the bus? Right again. Women and children first. 680 more words

The Rules

The rules: Clear Ways & Parking

Another departure from our usual format here at the Dick Moves Blog – a proposal about what the rules should be when you break a law. 246 more words

Dick Moves

Don't Forget...

Just a reminder… we will be posting our EYE challenges on Tuesdays now!  Wait until you see what Holly has in store for you…


The Rules

Style Man 2.0 | Upside Down Bikes

The Velominati – Rule #49

// Keep the rubber side down.

It is completely unacceptable to intentionally turn one’s steed upside down for any reason under any circumstances. 137 more words

Masked Assasin

Why every woman should play by ‘The Rules’

Most of us have heard the saying don’t hate the player hate the game in relation to dating. At the age of 20something is romance just one big game? 562 more words