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My intention is to read the Kobo 100 free classics, but I had to get the list from somewhere else (see “tentacle porn” reference in… 631 more words

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When I was a kid and first discovered reading, I thought to myself, “I’m going to read alll the books.”* You might think that was naïve, but I grew up in a tiny town. 475 more words

Good Stuff

Important facts about this blog

  1. Most of my posts will be lecture notes.
  2. I like to see things as they are in real life not as they are presented in textbooks.
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The Rules

The Rules, part one: 1-40

0. Rock Bottom

Reaching the bottom is always a scary prospect.  The way out is never clear, but the way out is through sacrifice and struggle, and for me, at least, through the following rules. 1,211 more words

Day Zero


If your in a committed relationship, don’t test the water.

The Rules....

Might just happen to be my new favourite thing!

I am in the process of finding out more about getting involved with some of their amazing campaigns, but check them out! 154 more words


Flashback Friday: The Rules of Engagement

Monday, October 16, 2006

[It’s worth noting that when this entry was written my life was about to change in a big, surprising Zimbabwean way in less than ten days. 1,233 more words