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The Single Girl's Survival Blog to... The 'Don't Be Too Available' Rule

This is another rule that I can’t stand.

And yet, somewhat ironically, it’s probably one of the most observed rules going.

People seem to think that, rather than talking to people if you want to talk to them or meeting up with them if you want to meet up with them, what you really need to do to land yourself a new beau is to pretend that you’re too busy to talk to them, that you’ve got too many arrangements to be able to meet up with them when they’ve suggested doing that, that your life is far too interesting and exciting for you to really be… 2,508 more words


Lies Sex and the City told me

Chances are that if you’re a twenty-something woman, you’ve seen Sex And The City. Whether you liked it or not the sitcom featuring four attractive singletons looking for love, sex and everything in between became a signifier for single ladies everywhere. 912 more words


Never say never again

Never say never.

I used to hear that a lot from someone who used to be in my life. The line was used to dangle possibilities that would never become realities. 969 more words


The Rules part 2

So I was talking last week about The Rules.  I pointed out some of the ones that I do not agree with.  There are many Rules that I DO support and teach my clients!   474 more words

The Single Girl's Survival Blog to... The 'Don't Be Yourself' Rule


I’m not a huge fan of surprise parties.

Ignoring the fact that I find it very hard to keep a secret of any kind (an Ashcroft family weakness – we would not do well as spies) and so have to effectively cut off the guest of honour from the time I find out about the party until the time that they walk into it, I find the things a tiny bit corny and sometimes pointless, since the person the party is being thrown for usually has at least an inkling about what’s really going on. 1,428 more words


Are you the Meantime Girl?

You could very well be the Meantime Girl in his life.


By not becoming his official girlfriend even after you’ve dated him, kissed him, slept with him, taken trips with him, had his babies, or met his Mom. 354 more words

Be A Challenge


I joined an internet dating site, which was both weird and awkward, and surprisingly familiar considering how many job applications I’ve done in my time. This was remarkably similar to the form I filled out when I thought I wanted to work for John Lewis. 69 more words