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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Ultimate, Life-changing Quotables By Kanye

Today’s Ryan Report:

  • *longest sigh in the world* Some recent Kanye West quotes.
  • Ray-J has been charged with some crimes.
  • Watch the Internet take this…
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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Bobby Brown Sidelined, Steps Away From NE Tour

Today’s Ryan Report:

  • Tracy Morgan has been released from the hospital. Hear an update on his status as well as some background on the driver who caused the accident.
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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Da Brat Edition

Today’s Ryan Report:


[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: R.I.P. Bow Wow - Hello Shad Moss!

Today’s Ryan Report:

  • Slim Thug (when’s the last time you heard THAT name?!) is apparently consulting social media – instead of a physician – after having “lightweight peed on myself.”
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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: The Kalenna And Tony (And Whoever Else They Choose, Tonight) Edition

Today’s Ryan Report:

  • The regularly-scheduled segment began with the latest about Sting reportedly not passing on his hundreds of millions of dollars to his children, but was soon interrupted by Kalenna and Tony of “
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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report Thinks Like A Man, Too

The Ryan Report was interrupted by Kevin Hart, LaLa, Will Packer + Terrence J and we’re cool with that.

During their stay, they discussed their respective careers, what’s new in the  12 more words