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Crossover Cinema is Crossing Cultural Boundaries

Through the globalisation of the film industry, there has been an obvious shift in cultural flow of film. Khorana (2014) recognises this as the term crossover cinema, which she explains as being “used to encapsulate an emerging form of cinema that crosses cultural borders.” 238 more words

Five Australian Movies to Make You Watch More Aussie Movies

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I recently emigrated from England to Australia with my Australian wife. Having an Aussie wife has opened me up to some of the high and low points of Australian culture (The Real Housewives of Melbourne should be classified as a war crime). 1,024 more words


Film Crossovers: Does crossing cultural borders change the narrative?

This post discusses the fluid nature of  media narratives once they cross borders (whether it be transnational or cultural)

Khorana (2014, p.6) proposes that a crossover film should be cross-cultural in terms of text, “such that the film does not suggest a Western audience at the outset but rather is forged from multiple cultural affiliations and eventually appeals to a range”. 1,041 more words