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Day 199 – My Favourite Film

Song of the Day: Voodoo Chile – Jimi Hendrix

My local cinema, The Screen in Reigate, is showing Withnail & I, Bruce Robinson’s masterpiece from 1987. 445 more words


Freedom From Freedom

I wanna take my smart phone and smash it against a tree.

I wanna make everyone feel a brokeness and a pulsing throb right in their networks where I used to be. 340 more words


Revisiting Kenneth Clark's Civilisation.

I could have said ‘reviewing’ instead, but ‘revisiting’ seems more appropriate. 45 years after it was first broadcast, watching this series feels like a travelogue from another planet. 567 more words

You Know It Makes Sense

Rio 2 "It's Time to Dance All Over Again!!"

It’s time for Rio!!!!! Rio 2 to be exact. I have fun watching this movie. Although, the songs are not catchy enough as the first one but I do love the song. 483 more words

The Screen

The Amazing Spider Man 2 " Dark Yet Awesome!!!"

Hello everybody!!! It’s a nice weekend for another movie review. Today we’re going to talk about The Amazing Spiderman 2!!. Yeah, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. 446 more words

The Screen