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Freedom From Freedom

I wanna take my smart phone and smash it against a tree.

I wanna make everyone feel a brokeness and a pulsing throb right in their networks where I used to be. 340 more words


Revisiting Kenneth Clark's Civilisation.

I could have said ‘reviewing’ instead, but ‘revisiting’ seems more appropriate. 45 years after it was first broadcast, watching this series feels like a travelogue from another planet. 567 more words

You Know It Makes Sense

Rio 2 "It's Time to Dance All Over Again!!"

It’s time for Rio!!!!! Rio 2 to be exact. I have fun watching this movie. Although, the songs are not catchy enough as the first one but I do love the song. 483 more words

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The Amazing Spider Man 2 " Dark Yet Awesome!!!"

Hello everybody!!! It’s a nice weekend for another movie review. Today we’re going to talk about The Amazing Spiderman 2!!. Yeah, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. 446 more words

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Need For Speed The Movie "Borderline plot But it Does Have Nice Rides!!"

This is another movie born from video games franchise. Like its predecessors, Need For Speed bring the game into spectators with a borderline plot, unsuitable actors but it does have a very nice rides. 489 more words

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