We danced and swayed to the mystical tune

In the pouring rain and under the blazing sun

You made me laugh, we squealed together

We didn’t bother nor cared of any matter… 19 more words


Medals lost and medals found

Digging in his garden in the Victorian Goldfields town of Creswick late last year, a man named Neville Holmes unearthed something unexpected. Under the flower bed was a sort of trench. 593 more words

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Will Gretta Vosper do the 'honorable' thing?

United Church of Canada Rev. Gretta Vosper has become a celebrity and sold many copies of her books by writing about how Christianity should just drop the “God” thing. 1,202 more words


Secular society: Defending the right to offend

As a journalist who covers religion and ethnic diversity, I strive to respect spiritual people and everyone else.

Like others, I have been offended by things people say about religious figures, as well as about philosophers and politicians I happen to believe have integrity. 1,372 more words

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"A course in miracles" - at university

Well, it’s not actually a course. It’s a round-table presentation on Thursday, Jan. 15th. And it’s also not A Course in Miracles, as made famous by New Age teacher Marianne Williamson. 475 more words

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Hangars, Ansons and Aeradio: A visit to Nhill

Most of the 40 or so locations around Australia that hosted aircrew training units during WWII are still in use today as aerodromes, both civil and military. 1,499 more words

Bomber Command