Gillespie County, Texas - German Immigrants

Apparently, my mom has some direct ancestors that were born in Germany and came over around 1845 and lived in Gillespie County, Texas.  It seems that they were a tight-knit community and tended to marry into every single Germany family… 368 more words

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UBC philosopher wins 80 million Swedish Kronor grant (and that's a lot)

UBC philosophy professor Paul Russell has won a humanities grant from the Swedish government worth about $12 million Cdn.

The specialist in moral reasoning and Scottish philosopher David Hume will work with the giant grant over a 10-year period while going back and forth between UBC and the University of Gothenberg. 638 more words

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Update! Another line found!

So… remember when I mentioned one of my mom’s DNA matches had a private tree and he wasn’t willing to let me see it? Well, I contacted him again and asked for a list of surnames.  469 more words

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On the Origin of Geoff

In the course of his career, British author Geoff Dyer has written books on jazz, World War I memorial culture, photography, D.H. Lawrence (really a book on procrastination), travel, the Russian art film… 1,016 more words

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Immigrants, refugees and the poor: Rethinking compassion

Many Canadians make the case for compassion when they maintain the country should retain one of the world’s most generous rates for welcoming immigrants and refugees. 1,313 more words

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A bunch of work and no results

My mom has a bunch of 3rd cousin DNA matches that we have been unable to find a common ancestor.  It was suggested to me to create a mirror image of a DNA match cousin’s family tree and link my mom’s DNA results to their tree – as them.  285 more words

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Bishop Tutu latest to support assisted suicide

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who fought successfully against apartheid in South Africa, came out strongly in favour of assisted suicide this month.

He is the latest leading Christian figure to offer support for the idea of “dying with dignity” through this form of euthanasia. 822 more words

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