Point Grey Rd. bike route is a raging summer success

I admit I complained about some socio-economic aspects of the Point Grey Rd. bike route when it was being constructed in cloudy, rain-soaked April. See… 505 more words

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So close... but so far...

I really thought I had made the connection.. I had a girl that matches my mom’s’ non-identification paperwork.  She was born in 1949 to a mother who was born in 1919 – I don’t have any information on the girl’s father since he was a 2nd husband and it seems to have been a short marriage.  284 more words

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Canadians could think deeper about the idea of 'community'

When the radio journalist referred to “the diesel community,” I figured we had a problem.

The CBC Radio host used “diesel community” during the airing of a feature on American yahoos who get their thrills from over-accelerating their diesel-fuelled engines to create clouds of black smoke. 1,256 more words

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Vancouver sculptor creating ten-foot Pope. And Aristotle too.

Louise Solecki Weir is an artist with a spiritual and philosophical bent, busily creating a large sculpture of Pope John Paul II as well as smaller ones of Aristotle. 662 more words

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Progress so far - Johnston, Blackwell, Crotts, Worley to name a few

I feel like I’ve been working on this non-stop.

But for good reason – I’m making progress.  Just take a look…

Phew! It doesn’t seem like a lot but this took over a month.   702 more words

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A Tribute to Ma

On August 7th, my episode of House Hunters International debuted in the States on HGTV, which I watched via Slingbox at 4:30am Paris time. Afterward (and in some cases, during), I received hundreds of touching and supportive comments from friends and followers on my… 532 more words


Free Books!


A fun book offer on the blog today: Buy a copy of Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me, and I’ll send you a signed copy of MWF Seeking BFF for free. 207 more words

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