What do the residents of Point Grey Rd. want now?

The residents in the mansions on Point Grey Rd. were given what they wanted a few months ago – virtually all cars were stopped from using the road serving their seaside homes. 1,052 more words

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The Small Quest

In the end, life is a quest for the big things. However, it is not so much that they are big in size but more so in value. 432 more words


Consume Less Create More

A girl once broke up with me because I played too much Football Manager. Man, I played morning, noon and night. I can understand why it seriously rubbed her up the wrong way. 577 more words

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Gym, Diet and waiting on some News.

I am in the in between positive euphoria and nervous self protection prepared for rejection. Did an interview for an amazing gig last week. They said ten days, so three more days wait. 481 more words

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Should UBC be "lauded" for its policy on gender? Or questioned?

Two top UBC officials wrote a critical letter to the Vancouver Sun in response to the March 22nd column headlined: Is gender balance in university programs worth pursuing?” 915 more words

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How commute times impact productivity

I recently finished a project for a headquarters operation and one of the major discussion points was how relocating would impact commute times and employees… 247 more words

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Are we now health care "consumers?" What's wrong with "patients?"

It’s become the style in Canada and B.C. to talk in the health care sector (or should I say health care “industry”) about “clients” and “consumers.” 1,144 more words

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