Anxiety: an amplified voice that lies

Anxiety. Worry. Panic. 

Nothing more than that doubting voice everyone has in the back of there mind only amplified. 

Everyone worries to some degree. Its normal to be concerned about different aspects of your life. 310 more words


Cycling along the Danube River

We are cycling along the Danube River through Austria.  On vacation (what a concept). I’m amazed at the incredible bike lanes that the communitarian Austrians have put into place along this famous river and through their well-kept, lovely cities and towns. 180 more words



8 hours. After a lifetime of dealing with and attempting to cope with my inability to concentrate, my tendency to allow my thoughts to wander a bit too far from home, of being reprimanded for not doing what I was told, of being unable to follow directions, after a lifetime of thinking I was dumb; 8 hours is all it took. 299 more words

Mental Chaos

The One Quality I Lack… And Need

My family is going through a time of change at the moment—lots of new and exciting things going on, just as Matt and I are coming up on our five year anniversary tomorrow. 342 more words

The Search

A bit more about me.

How would I describe myself? 

Let me think…this is the type of question I often struggle with. On the one hand I could describe myself as I believe others perceive me and on the other hand I could describe myself based upon my perception of self.  291 more words

The Search

Love Will Set You Free

Love. What is it? I don’t know. What I do know is that I have found it. I can’t explain how it happened, or pretend I saw it coming. 445 more words


Learn Your Industry: Who to Follow on Twitter

Employers expect young professionals to know what’s up in their industries. And if you’re not down with the program, you risk staying down…and out.

Luckily, Twitter makes staying up-to-date on industry news and trends SO EASY. 385 more words

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