Vote! Who Will Be People's Most Beautiful Woman?

The bible of celebrity admirers everywhere, People, will crown its Most Beautiful Person in the World tomorrow. Clues the magazine has revealed thus far: It’s a woman (it’s only been a man three times—thrice!—and the honors went to Mel Gibson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom Cruise. 301 more words

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Why U.S. Audiences Are More Comfortable With Subtitles Than Ever

Attendees at next month’s Cannes Film Festival will hear plenty of French being spoken — except, that is, by the characters onscreen. Of the French films recently announced as part of this year’s official selection, two (Olivier Dahan’s opening-nighter “Grace of Monaco” and Olivier Assayas’ “Clouds of Sils Maria”) are predominately English-language features with largely American and British casts, while “The Search,” from “The Artist” helmer Michel Hazanavicius, reportedly features a mix of English, French, Chechnyan and Russian. 1,114 more words


Richard Dawkins: Just 25 per cent of atheists, agnostics 'approve' of him

The British Columbians who are atheists, agnostics or unaffiliated are more fond of Buddha and Pope Francis than Richard Dawkins.

The high proportion of respondents who told Insights West pollsters they are not at all religious, 36 per cent, are also the most liberal in regards to sex-related moral issues such as homosexuality, sex outside marriage and abortion. 699 more words

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Fifteen of the best movies inspired by Jesus

{To skip this introduction and jump to the top 15 movies related to Jesus — scroll down.}

To many Canadians it still stands as the greatest story ever told. 2,175 more words

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What do the residents of Point Grey Rd. want now?

The residents in the expensive homes around Point Grey Rd. were given what they wanted a few months ago – all non-local cars were stopped from using the street serving their seaside homes. 1,190 more words

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The Small Quest

In the end, life is a quest for the big things. However, it is not so much that they are big in size but more so in value. 432 more words


Consume Less Create More

A girl once broke up with me because I played too much Football Manager. Man, I played morning, noon and night. I can understand why it seriously rubbed her up the wrong way. 577 more words

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