Do Sikhs say "Merry Christmas?"

In the name of multiculturalism, many Canadians worry about excluding members of minority religions or atheists by saying things like “Merry Christmas.” These people — who tend to be public officials, employers or social scientists — instead opt for expressions such as “Seasons Greetings.” 619 more words

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In search of entertainment

French movie “The Search” by Michael Hazanavicius at BIFFES 7 had an interesting story to tell. The lead boy was like a vanilla plum cake. So cute and eatable. 293 more words

The spirituality of Bach - Sunday before Christmas in Vancouver

Legendary Vancouver photographer Alex Waterhouse-Hayward loves Johann Sebastian Bach.

He believes Bach’s mathematically exquisite baroque music is transcendent, sublime and, for lack of a better word, spiritual. 1,154 more words


Advice for Applying to Boarding School - Part 2: Creating Your List of Potential Schools

Applying to boarding school can be a tricky thing, but as a former admission officer, I’m here to offer advice to prospective students. In my previous blog… 768 more words


My experience with a mortgage broker

I remember a conversation I once had with my cousin when we talked about the experience of buying an apartment. She said: “There are only two types of people you can’t trust – lawyers and mortgage brokers.” 753 more words


The war on Christmas smacks of "anti-culturalism"

’Tis the season to check on which side is winning the “war on Christmas.”

Is it the atheists and their supportive cohort of super-secular multiculturalists? Or is it the Christians and their diverse allies? 1,368 more words

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Multiculturalism 'incompatible' with Canadian norms, say two of three

A leading Canadian race relations group has discovered a “troubling schism” among Canadians in regards to the country’s official multicultural policy.

While many Canadians are positive about multiculturalism at a theoretical level, most also told Leger Marketing they’re “uncomfortable” with the way it’s being acted out in practice. 426 more words

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