I Covet: The Ideal Bookshelf

My daughter turns one this Sunday. That’s crazy because I’m pretty sure she was born last week. For her birthday, what I  want to get her—which is to say, what I want to get myself, because she’s one so she doesn’t know from gifts—is one of these Ideal Bookshelf prints from artist Jane Mount. 219 more words

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Vancouver woman joins movement to drop U.S. passports

Like many people in Canada who still have American citizenship, Pat is both scared and angry.

The semi-retired suburban Vancouver woman is trying to relinquish her U.S. 927 more words

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What Should I be Reading Online?

I spend a lot of my day on the couch staring at the computer, not unlike the woman in this picture. Except, you know, my hair is less shiny, my clothes are less classy-casual, my nails are much less groomed and my smile is less smiley (except when reading… 288 more words

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breaking from everydayness

The Moviegoer
Author:  Walker Percy

Someone owns the movie rights to Walker Percy’s seminal, award-winning novel.  From what I can gather, though, we’ll never see… 976 more words


Double agents

You know what they say – never trust real estate agents.

Even before I started looking for my apartment, I was getting warnings left, right and centre not to trust the agent because they are sneaky, and will scam you out of the true property price. 862 more words


Another Branch on the Family Tree Found?

So… I’ve been feeling kind of down about the Johnston side of the family.  It is a huge family and some people are just complete dead ends where I can’t find any records on them.   785 more words

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Why marijuana is boring

Many people seem to think marijuana is thrilling — especially now that it’s been legalized in Washington State. When The Vancouver Sun runs stories on marijuana, we receive lots of web hits. 581 more words

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