The usual ungrateful moan.

Got a two.

Took a phone call from a man offering to helping me get a job, they just name dropped for ten minutes… I don’t really know how that helped but it was a nice sentiment. 368 more words

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Wind power a strong factor in Europe's energy. What of Canada?

We’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of giant windmills (turbines) as we’ve driven through Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

At times we’ve seen 30 to 50 wind turbines in one view line, usually from a highway. 411 more words

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Quick Tip: Stay Organized with Excel

Have you ever gone on Indeed.com only to question if you applied yesterday to that job that is catching your eye today? Or forgot who you promised yourself you would reach out to after the weekend? 392 more words

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Not It

Yep. You read it right. She wasn’t the one.  – If you don’t know what I’m talking about refer back to my last post.

She is a close relative, we don’t know how yet, but we know her great grandparents are kin to my mom and me.   406 more words

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On the trail of Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach

We’ve been travelling through Germany on the trail of Protestant reformer Martin Luther and baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach, who are more intimately linked than many realize. 414 more words

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Never Excuse Cheap Jeans.

“As an actor, I’m a keen observer of human nature, and I can tell you that your son is not ready for this sort of commitment.” 405 more words

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Millions of Americans in Canada downplay links to Uncle Sam

With the Canadian government’s decision to comply in July with a Washington tax crackdown on “U.S. persons” around the world, many Ameri-Canadians are feeling rising anger, fear and even hatred toward their powerful country of origin. 1,033 more words