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The texture of my sick days

The texture of my sick days

Curled up in a shriveled pile

Blankets to my body so riveted

My body fought off an invader of bile… 51 more words


Wildflowers, Bees and Poppies

There’s nothing like seeing big bright red poppies :D I’ve mostly enjoyed the petals which have blown off on to the floor! To see them swaying in the breeze was a happy sight indeed :) best of all… they were buzzing!The closer I got to the poppies, the more I could hear them humming. 227 more words


Feeling Topsy Turvy in my Jaunts

Feeling Topsy Turvy

I just got back from the land down under. I had left from New York where it had been 85 degrees. Down under it was 55 degrees. 181 more words


Summertime Memories: The scent of a mother

Summertime Memories: The scent of a mother

I’m listening to the song “the Funeral”  and feel an overwhelming sense of déjà vu while sad, yet nondescript memories come flooding into my stream of consciousness. 472 more words



You stood, soft shoulder line lilting to the left, slipping pink summer wine over lip of glass cracked, holding the universe as I knew it together with the same twine you used to tie your hair back. 246 more words


September (When Fall Loses Hope)

Oh, but, you’ll dream about her.

And you’ll tell her your thoughts; and she’ll rub your little head and say “it’s okay”.

And it’s okay. 113 more words

Liner Notes

Swimming with the manta ray: Summertime Smiling

My summertimes in childhood were actually not that memorable. We didn’t travel anywhere as we had no money. The summer streets of the South Bronx were sweltering hot and teeming with with an undercurrent of naughtiness. 230 more words