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Spotlight On: Phoebe Tonkin, Mermaid, Witch, Werewolf, Hybrid

After starring in two successful shows in Australia,¬†Phoebe Tonkin burst on to the American scene on the short lived WB show, The Secret Circle… 358 more words

The Vampire Diaries

So, if you’re anything like me as soon as you finish a series on Netflix you think, hmmmm now what do I do without with my life? 247 more words

Macy Rae

Serie review!

Een nieuwe reeks die ik wil starten op mijn blog is een serie review, ik ben een grote film en tv-series fan! De bedoeling is dat ik over de onderstaande series een review ga geven, de series die ik al volledig plat heb gekeken of gestopt zijn heb ik even apart gezet en al een voorproefje van gegeven. 819 more words


The Secret Circle

When it comes to fantasy TV programs, films and literature, I will give everything ago. After finishing the seasons (and waiting for the return of) The vampire Diaries, True blood and Teen Wolf, I decided to fill my time with watching The Secret Circle. 502 more words


Novel: The Power by L.J. Smith (The Secret Circle book 3)

So as the final book in the original series this book completes the saga by finally having our main characters meet the big evil himself Black John. 265 more words

Book Review

Novel: The Captive by L.J. Smith (The Secret Circle book 2)

So picking up almost mid sentence from the previous book (which if you haven’t read then spoiler alert) Cassie is now being blackmailed by Faye. Cassie spends most of this book being a bit of an idiot and a prick as she gets pulled deeper and deeper into Faye’s dark and evil plans. 200 more words

Book Review

What went wrong: The Secret Circle

Two whole years have passed since The Secret Circle got cancelled, after a let’s say an interesting season. I must say I’m still not over the cancellation, I’m so not over it that I even wrote a fanfiction based on The Secret Circle mythology. 697 more words

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