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TSW: Leaving Kingsmouth

I’ve finally done it. For the first time in my 3 attempts to play The Secret World, I’ve actually finished Kingsmouth! I’ve never quite gelled with the game enough to get through this first zone before, but this time I’ve found myself quite immersed in the experience. 689 more words


TSW Builds Update - Auxiliary Weapons

So a LONG time ago now, I posted my “final” review of TSW Builds

However, since that time, Funcom introduced Auxiliary Weapons. Someone the other day pinged me about how my numbers were way off since auxiliary weapons (of which there are current 5 to choose from) multiply the build diversity. 39 more words

The Secret World

The Secret World and Technical Problems

I haven’t written much about The Secret World lately, for the very good reason that frankly I haven’t played it very much at all. However during the last few days I’ve been getting back to things there, and I’m having an absolutely great time with it at the moment, and I’ve played it quite a lot this week. 655 more words


50 MMOs in 50 Days #41: The Secret World

Last played: 2014
Experience: Extensive

I’m not sure whether to call The Secret World a success or a failure. It’s obviously “succeeded” to the point that it’s a well-made game in the AAA space that’s still going, with its only “issue” in its two-plus years being the removal of a subscription fee shortly after launch. 461 more words

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Secret World: Creeeeeepy

After my obligatory bachelorette nap with the puppies and the starting of the dinner so people can eat later tonight, I sat down to play some… 125 more words


Secret World: Rank 5 Dragon

In case y’all cared. I just like the little emblems you get – very snazzy.


The Secret World: Moving Up!

I am now officially further along in #SecretWorld  than I ever have been before. Woot.

Spent some quality Pax Romana (ie, money) and upgraded my last three talismans to level 4, so hopefully I can survive a bit of damage and start doing some of these missions in Savage Coast. 12 more words