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Banksy Takes on British Eavesdropping

The GuardianĀ reports that the graffiti celebrity artist Banksy has been at it again, this time at the expense of the British counterpart to America’s NSA, the super-secret… 52 more words


The Secret World Leveling Guide

The Secret World Leveling Guide
Complete walkthrough for The Secret World featuring a leveling guide, class guide, strategy guide and more.

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WoW and TSW: Buffoonery Behind the Scenes


Before I get into the incident known as Mankinigate, I should provide some context.

The Secret World, like most games, has a somewhat spotty record when it comes to gender equality, mainly in the clothing department. 1,642 more words


The Secret World's New DLC, Sidestories: Further Analysis Is Now Available

The Secret World’s latest DLC is now available for everyone to download and play to their heart’s content. Sidestories: Further Analysis adds four new investigation missions for you to test your puzzle solving skills. 93 more words

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April Fools Around the Gaming World

Yesterday was April Fools’ Day, and as is traditional, the Internet pretty much devolved into a maelstrom of trolling and ridiculousness. Which really isn’t that different from a normal day, except people put a little more effort in. 481 more words



At some point over the past year, free-to-play games have gone from cowardly sniveling things barely worthy of the title “game”, to majestic creatures whose beauty is too great for any one mortal to behold. 332 more words


Survey: How old is your game PC?

I’d assumed that among people who blog about games I’d be one of those with the lowest spec PC. So I was surprised when I saw that some people who play a lot more than me and are a lot more knowledgeable than I am about games and gaming tech said things like these on Twitter: 273 more words