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The "Gamer" Label

What exactly is a “gamer”? Is it even a useful label?

The topic has been doing the rounds on the MMO blogosphere lately, and the very fact that so many people have felt compelled to comment tells us that people have strong feelings about labels, one way and another. 1,943 more words


Secret World: Hell Am A'Poppin'

Okay! So Sunday night I wandered out of Kingsmouth and into the Savage Coast, the second zone in #SecretWorld. The upgrade of monster difficult was… difficult. 55 more words


Secret World: First Mission Text

“The Illuminati are very achievement focused – it’s like XBox, only everything is hardcore. The ethic I really want to instill in you is to aim high and achieve even higher. 117 more words


Kickstarting a mystery

The Black Watchmen, by their design, are a secretive paramilitary organisation who have been tasked with protecting members of the public from the things that go bump in the night (and worse). 604 more words


Gaming Update

I haven’t written much on what I’m currently playing, so I thought I’d give a weekly update on where I’m at with the various titles I’m plodding my way through. 491 more words


Secret World: New Character

The Illuminati don’t waste time with the small talk apparently.


Secret World: Fashion Show

Got through my first mission for the Dragon and was promptly awarded a uniform. oooooh!  In a fit of celebration, I sprang for a new shirt and some snappy looking pants as well. 20 more words