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Zoe's MMO Corner: The Secret World

The Secret World is a one-time payment plus payment for additional content (with subscription option) modern fantasy/horror/supernatural/mythology-and-urban-legend based RPG–clearly there’s a lot going on here but it all makes sense mostly–where you do NOT play the chosen one. 2,065 more words

TSW: The Great Tokyo Nerf and the Second Serpent

A few days ago, I did a big post summarizing the state of The Secret World’s Tokyo zone six months after its launch. But fate likes to mock me, because Funcom wasn’t done making big changes to Tokyo. 858 more words


It's all about character in The Secret World

By Stephan Bazzocchi (photo by Electronic Arts Inc.)

Don’t pack your Halloween stuff away just yet. We have a late entry for all you fans of the macabre. 584 more words

Smart Biz

The Secret World

So my friends have you just finished killing your 127565th Orc? Or have you delivered your one millionth resource to some nameless npc? Or perhaps you are just tired of getting fragged by that 12 year old kid from Duluth that claims that you do inappropriate things with your Dog and mother on saturday nights. 960 more words


TSW: Tokyo Six Months In

Update: Shortly after I published this post, more sweeping changes were made to Tokyo. See this post for details.

Original post:

Issue #10 has arrived in The Secret World (far sooner than anyone expected), and the Tokyo storyline is nearing completion. 1,457 more words



This is the guy I recreate in pretty much all the games I play. If there’s option to make your own hero, that is.

What can I say… I really like cute freckles.