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Becoming accountable

I remember how excited I was the first time I saw the movie “The Secret”. The message was loud and clear: you can create anything with your thoughts! 642 more words

The Secret to Improving Communication and Sexual Satisfaction in Relationships

Psst! Would you like to hear a secret? What is something couples can do that can improve their communication and sex lives? I’ll give you a hint: its not having a baby. 328 more words


The Law of Attraction: Fad or truth?

The purpose of this Circle was to discuss the Law of Attraction and to explore if it is really a resource we can tap into or just another trend or self-help fad. 1,555 more words


E Squared

One of the many books I’m reading that teaches you how to train your mind to change your reality.


What Business Strategy and the “Law of Attraction” have in common

There is a rule that is true for both the ones that believe in “The Secret” and the ones that believe that success is all about preparation (and for the ones who agree with both, of course!).


Living Life in the Now

Happy Monday wonderful readers!! With the hustle and bustle of Easter weekend, it wasn’t easy for me to stay present. How have you been holding up with living in the now? 316 more words

Law Of Attraction