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Congrats to Congress for FINALLY passing the Keystone Pipeline but we all know that asshole Obama will probably veto it...

Everybody wants the economy to get better. You’re all missing out on a good opportunity for the Keystone Pipeline. Why don’t the left want it? For risks of pollution? 258 more words


Urgent! Congress moving to kill net neutrality

 Fight For The Future

The Internet rose up and we are closer than ever to winning net neutrality, but now Congress is trying to kill it. 107 more words


The White House Knew The CIA Was Spying On The Senate

Remember, Nixon had the dignity to resign just because he helped cover for members of his party that were spying on Democrats. Obama’s had the CIA spying on the Senate and yet is getting away with it.


The Young Turks - Female Senators Banned From Senate Pool, Where They Swim Naked

Published on Jan 10, 2015

“How sexist is the US Senate? So far, only 44 women have ever served as Senators, meaning, according to this Politico article examining the gender imbalance in the upper house, the male Senators think they have the entire place to themselves — including the Senate pool, where they apparently swim with each other while naked. 172 more words

Joe Biden, a pedophile???

While Joe Biden here is swearing-in someone into the Senate, Biden attempts to kiss Senator Coons daughter and she seemed to be creeped out the whole time. 127 more words