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News Compendium: 8/2/14


CONGRESSIONAL WRAP-UP: Congress is going on a five-week vacation (I know, isn’t that nice?), so what got done this week and what didn’t? 1,963 more words

Cellphone unlocking made legal in the US

First of all let me mention, unlocking phones was legal until earlier this year, when a law making it legal expired. Then the trouble started, and all over the Senate, etc. 187 more words


Guess How Many Bills the Senate Has Actually Voted on This Year

Jul. 14, 2014 2:01pm Pete Kasperowicz

An analysis of votes held this year shows the Senate is doing very little legislative work, and on average is holding a major vote on a bill every nine days. 804 more words

Graphical Manipulations #91: Leaners, Solutions, Solutioners, Star Wars, The Rat, Bosses And Pledges

Greetings fellow “Leaners”, mutual imbibers from the public teat of Government largesse.  One hopes that your week was as interestingly lactic as was mine!  We saw the Senate in denial that the week had been farcical.  604 more words

Zombie CISPA won't die!

FFTF: http://www.cispaisback.org/?t=dXNlcmlkPTU0ODkxMzM5LGVtYWlsaWQ9ODg0Ng==
It is in your best interest to sign the above petition. All you need is an email address.
over 35,000 people already have, and with the vote in the Senate that could happen at any moment, it is absolutely vital that as loud a voice from us privacy-minded folks as possible be laid down upon them to let them know that we still care more than ever about our privacy on the web. 83 more words

State Of The World

To Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

To the woman I admire

It’s shocking to know that you have cancer

To me you were a rock

Scratch that you’re Fa Mulan

You’re strong yet flexible… 150 more words


Everything About The Way We Vote Must Change, Part 2

I can’t emphasize enough primaries and easier access to voting as I talked about in Part 1. Let a candidate come to New York for their first primary, see how well they fare. 517 more words