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Relationships- another equally vague prompt, but for today’s literary blogging purposes, I’ll make it a little more specific.

Romantic relationships.

Whether you’re somebody’s boyfriend or girlfriend, their significant other or their spouse, at some point in some relationship you have, you or your partner will encounter a subject matter that you will have to confront: 1,650 more words

Designing women... (or): Hey, my eyes are down here...

I swear I don’t mean this in a sexist way… unless me considering men to be sexist pigs is, in itself, sexist against my own sex…  but if nature had really wanted men to give women their undivided attention when women spoke, it should have tried this design…


Loyalty to Her Means Something Else

One of the biggest mistakes both men and women make in today’s upside down equalist assuaging world is the belief that the sexes are equal. Equal not in the moral sense, but in the biological. 794 more words

The Sexes

Girl Wave, Guy Wave, and Now - Trans Wave

Females and males wave in different ways.

Girl Wave1

The girl wave works below the elbow, only, and is used by females of all ages, young and old. 344 more words