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[THE SEXES] The glass ceiling

I went down to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for my scholarship interview yesterday, wearing the exact same outfit I had worn a full year ago, when I first entered its imposing doors for the scholarship open house. 1,220 more words


Living with 3 boyz-ugh!!!

One is in his forties, another has just turned 9 & the youngest is 4.5…okay so i am the major toilet paper user by far but are there any benefits to this huge amount of bedtime rough-housing, gender-imbalanced living arrangement? 151 more words


Why does the Public and the Media Depict Men as the Cheating Sex?

A recent study showed how women are viewed more positively than men. Even basic observation will easily prove that women are looked at as the fairer sex and people truly believe that women are nicer and more moral than men. 846 more words

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An interesting fact about LEGO...

Recently i was standing in line waiting to use my LEGO VIP card at the LEGO store at Chinook, when I looked over at the impulse purchase display to see some really cute little keychains with LEGO people attached to them. 79 more words

Rant & Rave

[THE SEXES] Women as "healthy distractions"

Public opinion is divided on whether this poster is truly offensive, with some railing against dissenters for their moralistic diatribe (what’s wrong with portraying the innocuous reality of our gymming culture?) and others expressing their support for  600 more words


[THE SEXES] Female empowerment in the Duke University porn star saga

I’m a few weeks late to the party (or should I say orgy) because it took me a very long time to process all the supportive/vitriolic comments left blazing in the wake of the furor. 781 more words