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My beloved Costco tried to kill me...

So you know how you get those great free samples while you’re in Costco? Well, I’m always careful about the food because freaking coconut oil… 246 more words

Are You Shanking Me?!?!

It hurts to hold the smile...

I would love to be asked to do product reviews on this website.

I love Twinkies, Spam, English Bulldogs (send me another one of those and your shit will get peddled on my blog FOR FREE!) and anything involving cheese, but not goat. 207 more words

Are You Shanking Me?!?!

Wasting time can be good, this was not...

Have you ever read an article that is dressed up as “news” and by the end you are so lost, angry, frustrated or gobsmacked that you realize you just wasted ten whole minutes of your life on garbage? 577 more words

Are You Shanking Me?!?!

I wish the personal robots were already here....

So two years ago I made the final switch to an all Apple diet. Meaning I tossed out the PC and switched to an iMac. 396 more words

Are You Shanking Me?!?!

What the HELL is in the water in Florida???

So today, in true fat kid fashion, a lady lit a car on fire in a McDonald’s parking lot. Why did she do that, you ask? 286 more words

Are You Shanking Me?!?!

I'm a gift to humanity...

Candy Crush Saga is now on my shank list. Why is my beloved game that has me on tenterhooks on the shank list, you ask? Good question. 176 more words

Are You Shanking Me?!?!

I like Sheldon face confetti....

Thank you sweet baby Jesus sitting in a manger. The stupid Olympics are done. I mean, without gymnastics, there’s really no point. And all my shows were on repeat which really sends my evening life into disarray. 236 more words

The Shankables