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WWE Smackdown (4/18/14)

This won’t be a blow for blow review of WWE Smackdown on Friday night, but will hit upon the major highlights. Sure, we already know the results, but it’s always good to see the production. 688 more words

WWE SmackDown Recap: 18th April 2014

Welcome to my SmackDown recap series. Unlike RAW, SmackDown is only of a two hour duration. So, I cover the episode scene-by-scene, match-by-match.


Episode 74 - Evolution Reunites; Sting Debuts on WWE Network; AJ on Hiatus

On Episode 74 of “Podcast of the Immortals” Matt, Andy and guest Anthony Stewart discuss Evolution taking out the Shield, AJ taking some time off and Sting signing with the WWE. 40 more words


Top Ten: Factions

In the spirit of my first post, I’m going to list my top ten factions of all time! But before I do that, I want to go on record saying that the Dungeon of Doom was embarrassing to everyone that watched and/or participated in that mess. 651 more words


Release The Faction

         Faction -n. A group or clique within a larger group.

The upside to a great faction is so tremendous that it blows my mind that the WWE is just now getting back to this formula. 790 more words


A New Era, Like It Or Not.

I should first testify to my inability to begin this project. This is the debut post for The Shining Wizard, and it’s coming about two years too late. 422 more words

Adam Rose

The Return of Evolution

Although, their a member short. We seen on this past Monday night Raw the return of Evolution. “The King of Kings” Triple H, “The Viper” Randy Orton, & “The Animal” Batista, came to the ring after 12 superstars faced The Shield in a 12 on 3 Handi-cap Tag Team match. 148 more words