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Shame List #25: The Shining (1980)

Shame List Introduction

The Shining is one of 31 films on my Shame List, a list composed of multiple classics and “must-see”- considered films for anyone who likes to consider him/herself a film buff. 841 more words

Movie Reviews

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Whilst I think Stephen King is one of the greatest horror writers of the time, I don’t tend to read his books. I have read a few of the classics in the past but I find he uses a lot of description to set the atmosphere and scene which I didn’t like. 913 more words

Stephen King

So you've got a Kubrick Supercut, eh?


Whenever I see things like this, it compulsively drives me to work on my own Kuby Collective. Hooray for competitive motivation, but more so– it irks me that people are more drawn to superficial observations of Kubrick’s work than what he’s actually trying to… 530 more words


Something Happened

I was so excited about reading Revival, but there was no news on whether us Superfans would receive advanced copies or if we’d have to wait until the publication date. 365 more words


Terror in the Details – Room 237 (2012)

This critically acclaimed documentary by filmmaker Rodney Ascher sizzles with a fervor often associated with ‘cooky science’ and conspiracy theorists.

Luckily for fans of standout cinema, the subject of this energy is the cryptic film director, Stanley Kubrick – and more specifically the making of his movie The Shining (1980, based on the 1977 Stephen King novel of the same name), and the various readings that this often seemingly inconsistent film produces in the eyes of a confounded audience. 442 more words

Film Review

Room 237 - 6

Director – Rodney Ascher

Cast – Bill Blakemore, Geoffrey Cocks, Juli Kearns, John Fell Ryan, Jay Weidner

Release Year – 2013

Reviewed by John of the Dead… 476 more words

2010s Horror

Stephen King

Recently Richard got me Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep as a present.  It’s the sequel to The Shining, which I had never read.  I’d seen the Stanley Kubrick/Jack Nicholson movie, but had heard the book is different (and it definitely is) so I decided to read the book first. 358 more words