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Event Horizon

Earlier this year, Paul Anderson made a film called Pompeii 3D. That’s Paul W.S. Anderson as opposed to Paul Thomas Anderson, who has won awards. If you delve into Paul W.S. 418 more words


Doctor Sleep - The Shining Revived

Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep is the sequel to his brilliant book The Shining. A number of years have passed in the real world and Danny Torrence, the boy with the shining, has all grown up. 350 more words


Novel Update: Titles

With Thanksgiving bringing my real job to a bit of an impasse, I’ve been able to return to editing my book. This week, I’ve begun working through my opening chapter, attempting to alter it to match tones established during more recent writing sessions. 327 more words

How Has Everyone Not Watched This Footage Of Jack Nicholson Prepping For The Axe Scene In 'The Shining'?

The Shining not only boasts some of the slickest cinematography and direction in any horror film — the tracking shots are moments of miraculousness — but it also contains one of… 127 more words

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