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waves for cami

We are back from our conference in Florida. While in Florida we had the opportunity to see family that we don’t often get to see, since someone long ago decided to place Florida and Illinois so far apart from each other! 28 more words

Black And White

How a Tomato Is Not Like a Child

School started! School started! I’ve never enjoyed the start of school so much. Traditionally I’ve found this time of year depressing, even in those years when I was out of school but didn’t have kids yet. 818 more words




Whiteness are the cries:
The gull’s long falling.

Souls, dead sailors,
Yearning for the taste
And smell of their women.

Hungry for the certainty of land, 50 more words

Sun, Sea and Sand

This summer has not been a hot one. The temps stayed below average for the most part, and some nights were downright chilly in my opinion. 81 more words


Sunshine on Leith

Last night I watched a film called Sunshine on Leith. It was a film I hadn’t heard anything about, but it was surprisingly cute.

Two friends, Davy and Ally, that have been released from the army after doing a term in Afghanistan return… 120 more words


How Do You Style Your Life?

Hello, future Well-Livers.

Is your life a disappointment?

Do you often find yourself awake in the wee hours of the night, eyes gaping, as if their lids are being pressed open by the clammy, invisible fingers of some spectral manifestation of doubt and regret? 324 more words