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Points Of Power: Cleansed Through Christ [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Under the new covenant, Christians are cleansed of their sins. The old system was messy, but listen to today’s Points of Power  to hear  AV… 121 more words

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Bishop Secular Tells New Preachers To Slow Down! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Bishop Secular wants all the new preachers to slow down! Listen to the audio player to hear how a new preacher at Bishop’s church wanted to preach at Pastor’s anniversary after his first sermon. 113 more words

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Episode 04/19/14

Today on the show, we review Transcendence and the Internet exclaims, “What the hell happened?!” (0:15:00)

In the news… (0:52:30)

  • Not satisfied with your inner child, Bryan Singer has apparently touched many of your outer children too!
  • 53 more words
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When Is The Best Time To Talk To God? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Yolanda says, “When you change your mouth, you can change your mind.”

Prayer truly is the key to growth.

But is there an optimal time to pray in order to achieve that growth? 140 more words


Pastor Lorenzo Ewing: "If You Can Talk, You Can Pray" [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Prayer is essential. There is no way around this. But according to Pastor Lorenzo Ewing, many people seem to get stuck when it comes to the actual mechanics of prayer. 156 more words


Points Of Power: Embrace God's Best [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Some people struggle with prosperity, forgetting God wants everyone to have the best. Listen to today’s Points of Power  to hear Yolanda Adams discuss embracing the life God wants you to have. 104 more words

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Bishop Secular: 12 Years A Savior EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Phillip at church plays Jesus every year in the church play. He even wrote a book entitled “12 Years A Savior.” But listen to Bishop Secular… 125 more words

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