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What Jekalyn Carr Always Asks God For [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Are you ever too young to have a prayer life and form a relationship with God?

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Listen to the audio player below as “ 144 more words


Yolanda's Take: Stop Complaining About Your Marriage! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Yolanda Adams is sick and tired of hearing women complain about their marriage. Listen to the audio player to hear Yolanda discuss why women should be grateful for what they have, and why marriage isn’t always about happiness in this edition of  131 more words


AV's Say What: How Old Is Too Old To Have A Roommate? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Having a roommate in college, and even a little bit after is one thing. But there comes a time when having a roomie isn’t the move.   120 more words


Points Of Power: Love Saves All [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Yolanda Adams and AV remind us love covers all sins, and everything we do should be out of love. Listen to the audio player to hear why we should always serve with the heart of God in this edition of  104 more words


Bishop Secular: Bobby Brown To Sing During Fellowship! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Since Bobby Brown will no longer  be touring with New Edition, Bishop Secular has another gig for him. Listen to the audio player to hear what Bishop wants to hear Bobby sing during fellowship period, and why he should take him up on his offer! 102 more words

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Conditions in Nigeria Worsen As Militants Advance

While many of the #SaveOurGirls tweets have stopped, unrest in Nigeria continues to increase. Nearly 12 of the parents of the girls who were kidnapped three months ago have died. 169 more words

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The HIV Virus Has Successfully Been Eliminated In Human Cells For The First Time

For the first time, the HIV virus has been successfully eliminated from cultured human cells by Temple University researchers. The HIV virus attaches itself to permanently to victims’ DNA. 175 more words

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