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12 proud capitalists from 'The Simpsons'

In a wonderful stunt, cable network FXX is airing a marathon run of all 552 episodes of iconic animated sitcom The Simpsons, in order. Since its premiere in 1989, the show has spent the last 25 years poking fun at American lives, families, culture, and, of course, businesses. 1,337 more words


90's Rewind: "Friends" Cafe, Central Perk, Comes to Real Life in Manhattan

Ever wish you could taste the coffee that the Friends crew drank at Central Perk? Now you can – Central Perk is about to become a real-life cafe, but only for a limited time. 694 more words


You Know You Are a Child of the 90's When...

Yup, that’s me. Rockin’ the NKOTB sweater. So what? Loved them. LOVED them. Seriously. My Christmas List included all the NKOTB Barbie Dolls, the curtains, sheets, comforter, cassette tapes (wow – dinosaur!), socks, sweaters, t-shirts… you name it, I wanted it. 117 more words


FXX Is Pretty Much Going To Be 'The Simpsons' Channel From Now On

Are you sitting there, struggling to breathe, while watching the highly-rated Simpsons marathon? Well, get used to it, because once FXX has made it through all 552 episodes (they’re currently up to season 18 — be on the lookout for “That ’90s Show” at 1 a.m.), they’re going to… 69 more words


Thoughts on Barkira

One of my all time favourite comics is AKIRA by Katsuhiro Otomo, it’s adaptation is also my favourite movie. If you’ve ever come across AKIRA you know that it’s a huge volume of work that’s a major undertaking just to read. 593 more words


FXX's Latest Bizarre Ad For 'The Simpsons' Features Stupid, Sexy, Dancing Flanders

FXX has obviously been plugging the hell out of the ongoing marathon of every episode of The Simpsons with a series of mostly wonderful commercials, although Marge repeating, “Lisa’s red dress” over and over will cause a guy’s teeth to grind after a while. 83 more words


The Simpsons 1987 Styley


My brother and I would religiously watch The Simpsons at 6 o’clock every evening on channel 4. I even remember the cartoon being aired on BBC! 130 more words