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Chapter 60

I do worry about some of my guest at times, here’s this young lad, muttering about how he loves our gym, while sunbathing in his suit! 849 more words


A Sims Experiment: Days 7 & 8

Week 2: Bringing it All Together

Days 7 & 8: Roomates

As any morning should, the next day began with Robi fighting with himself. Why? Does anyone know? 1,407 more words


Chapter 10: A Protector

Warning: There is some swearing and fighting in this chapter. Please be advised and read carefully! Enjoy!

*Amelia’s POV*

I finally got off my broom after a five minute ride from our house and I walked into the neighborhood pool the following Monday morning. 1,807 more words

Generation 1

A Sims 3 Experiment: Day 6

Day 6: Designing the Meeting

A word of warning, day 6 was a busy day.

Now that my four BandSims had begun to learn their instruments (heavy emphasis on begun) it was time to set the wheels of fate in motion. 1,621 more words


Zombie Aftermath Challenge: Stage 2 - Week 2

Dear Diary,
Well apparently there is a reason for that “I’m being watched” feeling. We had five new visitors last night! I guess just because I’m working for the AZEF now doesn’t mean we won’t be bothered by Z’s. 499 more words

Zombie Aftermath Challenge

A Sims 3 Experiment: Day 5

Day 5: Still a Better Love Story than Twilight

Last up on the first-run check list was Ms. Farrah Knox, the red-haired minx who may or may not be the group’s last chance to stay even on the “bat-shit crazy” meter. 461 more words


A Sims 3 Experiment: Day 4

Day 4: Pants Optional

Following the men’s eye-opening experiences, I began to feel slightly nervous. So far, half of the band has shown some kind of potentially self-destructive quirk that could possibly kill the entire plan before it even gets started. 462 more words