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Chapter 59

That was all the older ones out of the house. It was a strange feeling. Sure technically the house was still filled to the brim with kids. 812 more words



Nautilus had let her human spoil over the years since the nasty green fairy left, although she wished the fairy had taken the red ghost with her. 377 more words

Chapter 8: Screw-Ups and Snow Angels

One month before graduation, Grayson decided that it was time to stop hiding. “I’m going to do it,” he said aloud, clenching both fists with determination. 707 more words


And the Generation J Heir is...

…the damn Zalien.

Juniper WINS!

Final Results (including the BoolProp Poll):
Juniper 16
July 14 (so close)
Jillian 7
Jenny 3

Great voting turn out!  Thank you, all readers and voters!  50 more words

Zale Legacy

Sims 4 Gameplay - Angry Sims and Tasty Baking

Honestly, I’m trying my hardest to make sure I don’t only write about The Sims! But as it’s coming out in less than 2 months, there’s just so much exciting news to write about. 1,257 more words


Chapter 45

Hello all! I’m back again for some more posts, woot!

Sarah with her imaginary friend. I’m so fed up with those! It’s a cute screenshot nonetheless! 375 more words

The Sims 3

Chapter 8: Wicked Manners

*Warning: The F-word is used a few times towards the end of this chapter. Enjoy!*

“So what are you cooking for tonight?” Amelia asked her husband. 1,866 more words