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Social media stalking?

My oh my, social media stalking? that just sounds plain out creepy, but yes, I’m guilty of such a thing. At least, stalking is easier nowadays. 431 more words

40 Days in the Desert

On Ash Wednesday, when I was asked what I was giving up for Lent, I jokingly answered, ‘Being single’. That turned out to be truer than I expected. 387 more words


78. Maybe it's the beefdip?

I’m in love…

…with a sandwich.

Brewster’s Bavarian beefdip, to be exact: that sandwich is delicious.

I don’t want to say it’s better than sex, but it definitely rivals most of the boning I’ve done lately. 248 more words



I was laying in my bed thinking how can I do this today,a plane I heard flying over me,my chance to escape,yes fly somewhere new,but I knew I had to get out if bed,make those first steps into my brand new day…my window adorned with pretty flowers and a life waiting for me..planes fly over and life goes on,but mental illness remains for another day. 1,078 more words


Getting Past The Marital Assumption

I was 21. It was one month after my 30 days in Africa. I had just experienced my first cliche but important “mountain top faith experience”. 881 more words

Thoughts & Prayers

Society's Mirror

The mirror does not lie,it is the mind that lies.The mind can be a horrible tool when facing any form of eating disorder,it can make the mirror make you appear “fat” when in fact you are beautiful.I ate two hot cross buns tonight,and nuts and…yes,I blog about food,why,because I still have haunts from thirteen years ago.I once loved myself,once… 1,197 more words


How can I stuff this up?

Once you have met someone and things are starting to look promising, you need to be careful not to hold out too much hope that this relationship might work. 264 more words