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Be the Parnter you Want

In recent days I have been listening to some of the single people who I know. I’m talking about people who have recently separated from a long-term relationship and have somehow lost a sense of not only themselves, but what they want in someone else. 329 more words

In Bloom

The last few months have been both mentally and physically challenging in ways and wars I wasn’t entirely prepared for. After the operation I took as much time as possible to recover and rediscover this new body *read bosom* of mine. 431 more words

The Single Life

Little Miss Ballerina

A moment I captured of myself

Here in my pretty white skirt,I attract depression as if I am a magnet…I smile when I see someone doing a crossword in the sunshine in the park and cry when alone in the dark.I am wild and free,but sometimes my anxiety stops me. 973 more words


When Being Single is Your Default Setting

A lot of people call me independent and strong.

And I’ve become those things out of necessity– like all people in these categories.

But the tough part is when someone wants me to let them in. 1,274 more words

Am I too old and grown for texting?

A male colleague about a month ago gave me the name and number of a friend of his who he thought I might like (totally unsolicited might I add).  500 more words

The Dating Scene

Do I Want Engagement or Marriage?

Blog posts about the allure and trend of engagement seem to be more popular than ever. Everyone is talking about marriage. You can’t seem to get on Facebook these days without seeing a link titled something like “Why I Don’t Love My Wife,” or “6 Things I Hate about Engagement Photos,” or “5 Things You Need to Know Before You Get Married.” I’m not sure why, but 2014 is most definitely the year of engagement and marriage blogs. 322 more words

Single Girl Problems

Greek Dancing with Nico: My Favorite Little Boy

I’m Catholic, German and Irish, but I’ve got the soul of a Greek Orthodox woman! I’m loud, I’m a big hugger, I have big hair, and I LOVE DANCING. 1,192 more words