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Things I am thankful for today:

1. The ability to eat until I’m well-past full. Sometimes I forget that I am blessed to be able to fill my belly with incredible foods from the world. 563 more words

What a Day to Celebrate the Earth!

I’ve been celebrating Earth Day with a month of car free Fridays, but today I also made a point of taking my run outside (despite the heavy wind and dipping temps). 176 more words

The (Single) Life

The Moustache Tales

Fresh cheese and baked bread,sitting in my dressing gown..wait, who’s life is this?!Me,I am hovering over my cup board trying to pluck my overgrown moustache so I do not scare mankind when I head out the door,drinking coffee from a soup cup.Yes,I am the coffee drinking moustache plucking girl at seven am,oh,and I ate half a chocolate Easter bunny and five eggs in the front seat of mums car Easter night,yes poor bunny! 469 more words


I'm Bringing Fanny (Packs!) Back


My step-mom gave me the most ugly, compact, BLACK, pleather(?) fanny pack recently.

She asked if I wanted it and I laughed. Of COURSE. How could I pass up that opportunity? 192 more words

Eye contact?

Given my insecurities, i have a great deal of trouble when it comes to maintaining eye contact with a girl, especially one that i find extremely attractive. 253 more words

Social media stalking?

My oh my, social media stalking? that just sounds plain out creepy, but yes, I’m guilty of such a thing. At least, stalking is easier nowadays. 431 more words

40 Days in the Desert

On Ash Wednesday, when I was asked what I was giving up for Lent, I jokingly answered, ‘Being single’. That turned out to be truer than I expected. 387 more words