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And when she was bad...

David Fincher’s Gone Girl is yet another example that Fincher is one of the most skilled directors working in Hollywood these days. It is gorgeous to look at, with the various elements of cinematic craft coming together almost to perfection. 488 more words


After watching Gone Girl, I started thinking about David Fincher’s oeuvre and somehow I skipped over The Social Network. It’s not that it’s a bad film, quite the opposite, it’s that it seems to be the least likely film that Fincher would make. 456 more words


Aaron Sorkin says he's done writing for TV, and not a moment too soon

The Newsroom just aired its third and final season premiere, but already its creator Aaron Sorkin is thinking about the future—and it looks like his next inspirational monologues won’t be airing on television. 503 more words


Mark Zuckerberg Talks About "The Social Network"

Mark Zuckerberg was part of a Q&A last week and someone asked how accurate “The Social Network” was.  Before I get into what Mark’s response was … this has actually been addressed before, so why is it being revisited?  202 more words


The glamorous life

The only time Kanye West was right about fashion was when he donned the leather kilt.

The existence of Babymetal demonstrates there might yet be hope for Japan.  52 more words