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Mark Zuckerburg and I have a lot in common.

Well, not really, but I hope that drew your attention to at least read this sentence. And if you read the last sentence, you’re probably still reading so you might as well just continue reading this whole post. 407 more words


(l'inattendu) Trent Reznor

Pour une fois, je vais écrire sur un sujet dont je sais encore peu de choses. D’ordinaire, quand j’écris sur les auteurs ou les musiciens que j’aime, je connais déjà leur biographie par cœur, je peux citer au moins trois de leurs travaux fondamentaux et le nombre d’années qu’ils ont passées à l’école. 1,269 more words

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The Social Network trailer

The social network was a Hollywood blockbuster released in 2010. It was based on the fairy-tale rise of Mark Zuckerberg and his startup – Facebook. Watch this inspiring movie, here is the trailer.


Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

This is not the most difficult letter for me to write but it may be the most complicated.  I have written Open Letters to a number of different celebrities over the past 2 months, some of which praised these celebrities while many were critical of their position on Israel and the Jewish people. 702 more words

Counting Down to Gone Girl – Ranking David Fincher's Films

As part of countdown to Gone Girl that’s out on October 3, and part Birthday tribute to David Fincher (he turned 52 in Sept. 28), I asked my pal Ted S. 1,390 more words

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Defending Zuckerberg in The Social Network

I finally got around to watching The Social Network recently, and I found it an excellent movie. Everyone who recommended it to me told me that it made Mark Zuckerberg look like an unscrupulous schemer who deviously stole the idea of Facebook, so imagine my surprise when I found instead that the exact opposite was true! 1,290 more words


Trent Rezor and Atticus Ross on David Finchers' "Gone Girl"

MUSICIANS TRENT REZNOR and Atticus Ross are sitting in a studio in Hollywood, staring down the barrel of a rapidly approaching deadline with an air of game fatalism. 184 more words

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