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Argentina: Week Four

Hi, everyone! If you’ve been reading this blog since I started, then congratulations, because you and I are halfway through this journey in Argentina! I arrived four weeks ago, and I have four weeks to go before returning to the U.S., and I’m so thankful for the time I’ve gotten to spend here so far. 1,087 more words


The Worst-to-Best Movies directed by David Fincher

Sometime ago, I watched Fight Club for the second time, controversially, on ITV4. Many film bluffs love David Fincher’s works, including Fight Club. Personally, I’m not a David Fincher fan, but I’ve seen about five of his films. 788 more words

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Day 181.

I admit – I didn’t set up an alarm clock and I overslept for work. My colleague woke me up by sending me a message like “Where are you? 153 more words

It’s All About Connection

Recently, I watched the movies The Social Network and Into the Wild. Watching these was part of a class assignment in which we were asked to compare solitude and technology overload. 346 more words

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Hello! I did not just wake up but this is going to be a morning blog post even though it’s near 1 here. My mom is going on a business trip again to Colorado since she is in charge of all the states near Illinois, but the weird thing is that Colorado is not even a bit close to Illinois. 441 more words

Red or Blue?

Life is full of color. If red represents for the energy and activeness, blue is associated with calm and peace. Missing red or blue, life will no longer be completed. 459 more words

The Social Network Review

The Social Network is a modern masterpiece, and one of the few movies that portrays recent history in the right manner. 525 more words

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