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Watch a brief history of texting and email in movies and TV

In the last decade or so, as internet speeds have risen and cell phone plans have been pre-packaged to death, texting and the Web have become increasingly reliant sources of exposition in film and television.  170 more words


'The Social Network' writer confirms Christian Bale will play Steve Jobs in new film

Writer Aaron Sorkin confirmed rumors American Psycho actor Christian Bale will take on the lead role as Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic about the Apple co-founder. 38 more words

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College Kids Need to Stop Acting Like "College Kids"

I’m on round two of this college rodeo, having gone to an utterly pretentious art school firstly and now attending a modest state university, and I have noticed an aggravating trend. 874 more words

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...Buy Imaginary Friends on eBay

Concession: All of us, at one time and another, suffer from mild to severe cases of lunacy. At the local pub or around the kitchen table, we drink far more than we should, say. 389 more words


“What are you thinking? What are you feeling? What have we done to each other? What will we do?”

* * * SPOILER ALERT * * *

And the winner of the Most Psychotic Movie Character of the Year Award goes to… Amy Dunne. 190 more words


Gone Girl: Movie Review

When Gillian Flynn released Gone Girl, little did the potential readers know that this was going to be the most uncomfortable thrill-ride of their lives. 399 more words

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On David Fincher and What He Doesn't Do

We have desires to see David Fincher’s new film Gone Girl, though we have not yet wrangled the time or babysitter to do so. Fincher has directed some of our favorite films, including… 122 more words