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Why the Solar System was Created

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. He created the Earth, Sun, moon, and all the planets that orbit the Sun. God created the universe to glorify Himself and to show His majesty. 184 more words


On Celestial Bodies Part 2. Neighbourhood: Solar System

On February 7th 2014 NASA published Curiosity’s first snapshot of the Earth seen from Mars.  It’s somehow scary and comforting at the same time to think that we’re on that bright and distant spot. 127 more words

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Can I see the unknown planets with my telescope?


Forgive my naivety, it’s the first time I have heard of this . Is it possible to view these extra planets through my telescope?

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On Celestial Bodies Part 1. Map of the Moon

Map of the Moon

Populär Naturkunnighet 27th notebook (1840) takes us around the solar system and Figure 65 lists the craters of the Moon.

The 27th notebook is a Swedish translation of Joseph Johan Littrow’s “Popular Astronomy” which had been published in German already  in 1825. 342 more words

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