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Midnight Sunrises

As darkness fell yet again on another day that had just started, it took all the energy we had to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. 323 more words


Una tipica serata al cinema.

Potrei affermare con sicurezza che tutte le volte che si va al cinema è un’avventura. La questione di scegliere un film che piaccia oltre che a te ma anche ad un’altra persona che ti possa accompagnare, la cosa è secondaria, rispetto a quando entri nella sala per vedere questo film tanto atteso, per il quale si ha combattuto per vederlo il prima possibile. 383 more words


Making A Statement - Why Musos Need to Do Some Game Lifting

With escalating tensions across the world, in particular highlighted by the casual bombings of the Gaza Strip and the political manoeuvrings of Russia and Ukraine, these events leave even the most casual observer with a sickening feeling in the mouth and a distressing sense of helplessness. 559 more words



This guy has a pretty distinct advantage over those of us also standing here to take a shot. The views we find when we travel out into theSpace never cease to amaze. 9 more words

The Owderblue Projects

Artbeat: Here kids act up in a good way

It takes place in a school, but it’s a safe bet the kids in The Space’s summer drama camp don’t think of it as a school. 332 more words


Current Exhibition @ The Space Gallery

Marine Mycology, works by Erin Inglis

Opening Reception: First Friday, August 1st from 5 – 9pm

New works by Vermont artist Erin Inglis whimsically merge marine life with the fungi and flora of North American forests. 464 more words

Art Exhibits

The Space NYC

In 2008, I had finished graduate school… and after summer gigs at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival and in Cyprus, as well as a trip to paint… 531 more words