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more perspectives on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) - Autism

In my post My Thoughts on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), I said I would share more opinions on ABA from professionals, a very successful mother of an Autistic boy, and adults on the spectrum. 1,331 more words

Fire - what it's really like

Sometimes fate works in unexpected ways! Fire season is almost over again for another year, but the close calls this season prompted me to buy a novel called ‘The Spark’. 532 more words

Week 21: Oh, the places we can go...

From across the room, Logan’s eyes spotted the slim, pastel-stripped book squeezed into the over-packed bookshelf.  I’d placed it there, out of his and his sister’s reach, because I didn’t want the pages torn accidentally.  394 more words

PR Tactics With GreenPeace

In 2008, My interest in public relations was sparked when I spent some time learning community organizing with GreenPeace. My team and I worked on two successful campaigns in the United States and provided assistance for another in Germany. 55 more words

The Spark

Why follow the crowd when you can lead them!

Its often the case that good thoughts hit you when you least expect them to.

While having a chat to a work associate about her future plans I found myself rationalising my desire to start my own business and as all sparks do it created a metaphorical bush fire in the brain. 33 more words

The Workie Bits

How to Form and Maintain New Habits

I was halfway through reading The Spark, a weight-loss book explaining the SparkDiet, written by Chris Downie the founder of SparkPeople. Personally, I read a crap load of books on self-improvement, nutrition and business and I have read everything ranging from the basis of different popular diets to warped opinions that I didn’t quite agree with. 425 more words


song of the day

loving this song – do you love it tooooo?