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more perspectives on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) - Autism

In my post My Thoughts on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), I said I would share more opinions on ABA from professionals, a very successful mother of an Autistic boy, and adults on the spectrum. 1,331 more words

Fire - what it's really like

Sometimes fate works in unexpected ways! Fire season is almost over again for another year, but the close calls this season prompted me to buy a novel called ‘The Spark’. 532 more words

Week 21: Oh, the places we can go...

From across the room, Logan’s eyes spotted the slim, pastel-stripped book squeezed into the over-packed bookshelf.  I’d placed it there, out of his and his sister’s reach, because I didn’t want the pages torn accidentally.  394 more words

PR Tactics With GreenPeace

In 2008, My interest in public relations was sparked when I spent some time learning community organizing with GreenPeace. My team and I worked on two successful campaigns in the United States and provided assistance for another in Germany. 55 more words

The Spark