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An Eve in Egypt

Cairo was remarkable.  The moment he had landed there, he felt he was home—a connection he felt had always existed. Finally, he was here in Egypt, and he wanted to explore it as much as he possibly could. 878 more words


Pyramid Tours

Let’s take a journey into the enchanting history of the Ancient Egyptians and visit the most important attraction in Egypt during Pyramid Tours. The legendary Pyramids are the iconic attraction of Cairo and the mysteries about how they were built make them more interesting to discover. 201 more words

Egypt Day Tours

The Sphinx - Time's Guardian

Time’s stalwart guardian, the Sphinx, has seemingly forever sat upon the Giza Plateau. In fact, according to most estimates, this enigmatic creation is believed to have been built when Khafra’s pyramid was constructed between 2558 to 2532 BC. 363 more words


Napoleon & The Mystery Within The Pyramid

In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte embarked on a military expedition of Egypt. Like so many throughout history, he was drawn to the mystique of the Pharoahs. 616 more words


Sooner or Later

The wind howling
Blasting away sand particles suspended in the air
Grain by grain The Sphinx is scalped
A wonder of the world betrayed by nature… 219 more words


Here's How to Explore the Pyramids From Your Own Home

On Tuesday morning, Google unveiled Street View Egypt in Google Maps, the latest step in the tech giant’s quest to image and map the seven wonders of the world. 305 more words

Tour to Pyramids of Giza

Step back into the glorious history of the Ancient Egyptians and visit the most important attraction in Egypt through Pyramid Tours. The legendary pyramids are the most beautiful attraction because the mysteries and the vagueness about how they were built and stand all of that long time. 195 more words

Egypt Day Tours