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The Six Life Lessons of Japanese Knotweed

No, Japanese Knotweed is not some new Asian meditation technique where you sit on a hard floor with your legs knotted into uncomfortable positions and try to negate your being. 451 more words

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The Tree of Life

Each year, on September 14th, the Church celebrates a Feast Day called The Exaltation of the Cross. It’s a commemoration of how Saint Helena recovered the actual cross of Jesus. 274 more words


A Share for you from the Sai Maa blog I wrote

Arriving at the Denver Program the last event of Sai-Maa’s Passion Tour, I am drawn to the bookstore and there a large photograph of Maa, a close up of Sai Maa’s beautiful smile and loving eyes. 388 more words

Life Of The Soul

I woke up in Assisi one morning and suddenly felt convinced that not enough is being said about the life of the soul. This was caused, in part, by a friend who had asked me a question about the spiritual life and, in part, by a general awareness of the sort of cultural climate in which we live these days. 773 more words


Read Ephesians With Us This September!



Who will join us in reading or listening to Ephesians everyday for the month of September?


This is not another thing you have to do! But if you would like to join us, the spiritual rewards will be worth more than I can describe. 264 more words

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Writing Challenge: The Story of John

John had been here before, a long time ago. I watch as his eyes follow the train tracks into a copse of trees. His chocolate brown pupils have turned milky with age and look almost purple against the bloodshot whites. 712 more words

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