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Response to 'felix', on torture

Fairly predictably I was mobbed attacked after posting at The Standard yesterday. One of the more devious and bitter regulars,felix, posted a comment that I seem to be unable to respond to, my attempts to reply disappear (normally you’re notified if “In moderation”). 359 more words

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Red logic versus an angry lack of logic

It’s easy to be angry.

Anthony Robins has posted Christmas at the extremes at The Standard:

Two New Zealands will shortly celebrate Christmas, the poor and the rich.

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A Short History Lesson: From 9/11 To Warrantless Spying In New Zealand

I found myself writing a comment on The Standard this morning in reaction to their publishing Brian Gould’s piece explaining why Labour outsmarted National when they voted with them to allow warrantless spying on Kiwi’s. 966 more words

Economic Meltdown

Not Suitable for Twerk: A Risque Performance at the Opening of 'Literally Bye'

Alexandra Marzella is a young performance artist who has gone through 13 Instagram accounts. Each time she makes one, she posts selfies and images of her work, and the powers that be removed her. 705 more words

Scoop about to collapse?

Martyn Bradbury sees Scoop as representing left wing media but claims they are about to collapse

Those voices representing the Left have been slowly killed off.

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Photo Diary: A New York State Of Mind

Luke, Jez, Kate and I at Knicks vs. Milwaukee (Kate missed the memo… However Kate also beat us all)

A family member of my boyfriend’s joked that I’d be singing Alicia Keys ‘Empire State of Mind’ the whole time… And she wasn’t wrong; I was singing it as I was walking off the plane. 1,238 more words


.@MissMistyViolet And @CupcakeCanne Have Us Seeing Red

But the hot sexy lesbian queen action kinda red. Happy Birthday again to Cupcake.

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