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Review: The Star Wars #7

“When Princess Leia falls into the hands of Darth Vader, General Skywalker, Annikin Starkiller, and Han Solo must go on the offensive against the Galactic Empire. 576 more words


Comic Review: 'The Star Wars #7'

The Star Wars nears the end with issue #7 and just one more to go. One of the great things about this issue, though, is the Wookiees. 37 more words

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New Releases: Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows #5, The Star Wars #7 and The Ruins of Alderaan TPB

Dark Horse Comics has three new Star Wars releases today.

Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows #5 (of 5)

Stormtrooper Hock sabotages the remnant Separatists from the inside as they defend against Darth Vader’s advancing forces, and fights for his life against a figure from his past. 216 more words

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Review: The Star Wars #6

“A dogfight with Imperial fighter craft, a dangerous detour through an asteroid field, and a forced evacuation in life-pods land Luke Skywalker and company on Yavin—the planet of the Wookiees!  735 more words


An Original Vision

I am a huge Star Wars fan. I love both the original and prequel trilogies. I know most people generally love the originals. In a recent trip to the comic book store, I noticed on the shelves the first couple issues of The Star Wars. 72 more words

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Comic Review: 'The Star Wars #6'

Wookiees and bounty hunters invade The Star Wars #6 as the heroes wind up on Yavin, only this time it’s not the home of a Rebel base. 13 more words

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New Releases: 'Star Wars #15' and 'The Star Wars #6'

Dark Horse Comics has two new Star Wars releases today: Star Wars #15 and The Star Wars #6.

Star Wars #15 (of 20)

Welcome to Arrochar! 192 more words

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