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Knowing God

I don’t need to know more from God, I need to know more of God. Trust triumphs over knowledge and love conquers all.


Filthy Rags

Last week I told you about the Harmonious Interfaith Relations initiative here in Virginia (Richmond).  Well here is another one for you:  The Tri-Faith Initiative of Omaha, Nebraska. 2,630 more words

Christian News

Getting the Guts to be Kind

Being nice first is a sign of weakness. Well many must think it so; hardly an eye catches an eye or a smile bears its pearlies. 361 more words

What Is A Christian?

The reward of heaven is the appreciation of Glory

Imagine if you will a table with two identical slices of bread. Two men come to the table and sit. One man has not eaten for days. 308 more words


We shall stand in that evil day!

God has burned the truth of the remnant into the hearts and bones of His children. The days are fast approaching and the times are growing darker but only because the light that outshines the sun is coming for His bride. 178 more words


No turning back!

One must follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and not the leading and the wisdom of men. If He calls you out of everything established, then out you must go. 205 more words


A sound mind.

2Ti 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Many Christians have what they call ” life Scriptures.” Particular Scriptures that have been most applicable to them in their lives and in their situations and these Scriptures have grounded them and kept them on the narrow path. 701 more words