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It's all rock and roll to me

If it has some how escaped your attention, that blabber mouth Courtney Love has decided to make another bizarre rant again. This time she was targeting Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band (that latter of whom was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). 177 more words

American Rants

Watch Online The Stooge 1080p

Watch Online The Stooge 1080p The Stooge Movie Jerry Lewis, The Stooge 1952, The Stooge 1953, The Stooge Film, The Stooges, The Three Stooges SVR11, IMDb the Three Stooges, 3 Stooges the Movie Cast… 89 more words

3 Stooges The Movie Cast

No One Important Reads My Blog, But You're All Important to Me.

This is a Dorky Dorky Dorky thing.

This is a Mother Hen thing.

This is a Post That Doesn’t Necessarily Actually Need to Be Posted thing. 485 more words


Rock Chronology #116: I Wanna Be Your Dog

“I Wanna Be Your Dog”, The Stooges, 1969.

All of Rock has its roots in the 60′s. Take this song for instance. It doesn’t sound like it belongs in the 60′s, but there it is. 176 more words


In Tune With Spring: Kill City, by Iggy Pop & James Williamson

Well, in 1974, that “most powerful band,” Das Stooges, staggered off some stage in Michigan, unofficially calling it quits. (See Metallic K.O. if you wish to hear it). 232 more words


On a Desert Island

I saw this book in a store once, about music critics listing down music albums they’d want to be marooned on an island with. It’s an exciting concept, because such a scenario forces one to choose which albums mean that much to him/her that listening to it for all eternity won’t feel like the torture scene in  1,309 more words


Iggy and The Stooges, Ready To Die (Fat Possum Recordes, 2013)

Hogy lehet az, hogy amikor a Black Sabbath újra összeáll Ozzyval a fél világ hanyatt esik a csodálattól, amikor viszont a Stooges harmincnégy év után váratlanul új stúdióalbummal jelentkezik, egyből beindul a köpködés? 583 more words

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