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"Toxins in, Toxins Out"

Have you ever turned your shampoo bottle around and looked at the ingredients? Looks like chemical gibberish right? Well, that chemical gibberish has a damaging affect on our bodily health and planetary well-being. 64 more words


Buy Less, Live More

One way that we can all be more sustainable in our lives is to be happy with what we have got. Constant pressure to experience or own new things just means that we are in a constant quest… often associated with consuming more and more  resources. 444 more words



Having just witnessed the madness of Black Friday sales here in the UK, where we don’t actually celebrate Thanks Giving, a day dedicated to gratitude, and instead simply jump straight into the ‘buying’ part, (now also followed by ‘Cyber Monday’, the online equivalent), it got me thinking about why we actually do this to ourselves and how this thirst for a ‘bargain’ can continuously be quenched in the long run. 851 more words

What shall we do today?

Last weekend as I was compiling my list of important things to do I set myself a back-up target of getting the bikes out (now arrived safely with 90 other plus boxes) and reassembled ready for an unlikely family bike ride in the next 6 months or so.   572 more words

Paul Crouch

The gift of nothing

Recently I found a delightful and thought provoking children’s book at the library, it was entitled “The Gift of Nothing” by Patrick McDonnell.

It was particularly apt given that we are moving into the festive season – a season here in Australia that seems to be characterised by rushing, shopping, buying, rushing, shopping, and did I mention buying? 921 more words


The Story of "Stuff" & Surviving the holidays without consumerism

This is the season when consumption skyrockets. The average American spends over $800 on seasonal gifts, even though a national survey (by Center for a new American Dream… 210 more words


Writer's block (or more like, writer's anxiety attack!)

Here I am, with my brand-new blog, and I have no clue how to start this out.  I think I’m nervous because I am used to blogging privately, and have never blogged for public consumption.   1,592 more words