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Quarantunesima Puntata

Radio Dublino torna dopo la pausa estiva. In questa prima puntata della seconda stagione parliamo delle notizie dell’estate che ci siamo persi quando eravamo in vacanza (in particolare si parla della patata desnuda di Laura Pausini) e dell’Electric Picnic Festival. 84 more words


Old Peel Tapes

(By the way, if you see big opening quotation marks on this article, I’ve no idea how they got there)

Today’s request comes from Dirk…

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I never realised I liked Punk music . It had that roughness and implied violence to it that did not appeal. Plus the safety pins and spitting was a bit off-putting to a nicely brought up Home Counties Girl. 954 more words

Make a cup of tea, put a record on

Elastica: Their eponymous debut album.  How many times have we heard that description?  You’d think a ‘proper’ name would be more interesting, but I suppose it helps with promotional stuff.   167 more words

Friday Five :: Songs about the Sun

Songs about the Sun

Squinting in the sun on days when I forgot my sunglasses in the car, but the water is so cold, shocking start your heart racing kind of cold, and the car seems so far off in the distance, that we stay, my eyes crinkling as if from laughter, basking in the shadows that play all around us. 266 more words


Coupla Stiff Ones

Following our last ‘reggae by punk-punks’ installment, it seems only fair that the boys from Ulster finally get a look-in at the grimy windows of Skank Towers. 281 more words