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Friday Five :: Songs about the Sun

Songs about the Sun

Squinting in the sun on days when I forgot my sunglasses in the car, but the water is so cold, shocking start your heart racing kind of cold, and the car seems so far off in the distance, that we stay, my eyes crinkling as if from laughter, basking in the shadows that play all around us. 266 more words


Coupla Stiff Ones

Following our last ‘reggae by punk-punks’ installment, it seems only fair that the boys from Ulster finally get a look-in at the grimy windows of Skank Towers. 281 more words

Oware - The Knock on the Door

 So on life went.  I got up, I ate a simple breakfast of bread and jam and instant coffee mixed with Nido.  They eventually got a Land Rover to take me to work, so I waited for that and some of the best part of the day was the five minute drive across the campus (which way do we go today?). 615 more words


Snatch - AK review

I was listening to Golden Brown – The stranglers and thought may be I should review the very popular example of heist movies ‘Snatch’ directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Brad Pitt as sweet talking, tattoo sporting pikey and Jason Statham as an underground boxing promoter. 578 more words

The Review

Window on the World by Hugh Cornwell and a Private View at WaterHouse & Dodd

Remember the song Golden Brown by the Stranglers, the song that made my tummy go all gooey and still does – well I’m reading Hugh Cornwell… 538 more words

London Art Scene

The Stranglers – Preston 53 Degrees

In the same way that the best football teams are built around a spine of experienced players, The Stranglers have never lost sight of their creative strengths. 736 more words


Song of the day: 23 June 2014

A strange kind of eighties song today. The release was around the change of the year, so in the US it’s a 1981 single and in the UK it’s a 1982 single. 85 more words

Song Of The Day