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M is for NOTHING

Mediate. I like that word. I like the idea of two conflicting forces having something to negotiate and introduce calm. I enjoyed mediating when I have done so. 155 more words

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of


Tall and with purpose he stands,
While his eyes mirror the Heavens.
Emanations of curiosity and warmth flow
And he glows.

The heart within bestowed with patience… 42 more words

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Three Cheers for Ignorance!

I am choosing to write about ignorance today. I kind of feel like ignorance gets a bad rap. Ignorance is technically defined as the absence of knowledge. 186 more words

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of


This one was an easy choice. HOPE.
I read something that posited the question of what you have you held onto through your life, through extreme circumstances and not so extreme circumstances? 275 more words

Mental Health



Today I write about dew.

Not the type notoriously from the mountains

Filled with caffeine and Yellow No. 3,

Rather I am writing about that substance… 68 more words

A is for Alphabet, April, and A to Z Challenge!

It is April 1st, which means some people are liars all day, pull stupid stunts, or just think they’re funny. Good for them! For me, it means the start of the A to Z challenge! 165 more words

Who am I, anyway?

Well, well, well…
It’s been some time. It seems that is a common sentiment expressed by your truly as of late. I have been far from consistent in my posts. 427 more words

Mental Health