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Jewish victims, Muslim shame

An amended version of this appeared in The Sunday Times (£) on January 18, 2015

Throughout the week, we have heard commentators condemning the Paris attacks which left 17 innocent people dead, while simultaneously chastising Charlie Hebdo journalists for “provoking” the wrath of Muslims. 709 more words


Ched Evans, David Walsh and intoxication in cases of rape

Friends on social media have described David Walsh’s Sunday Times article on the Ched Evans rape case as ‘horrific’ and ‘egregious’. I’ve read the legal summary of the case and Walsh’s article and had the following thoughts. 1,325 more words


Putin's Year

Peter Brookes and Morten Morland are The Times’s multi-award-winning political cartoonists.

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Vegas-bound trippers forced to wait for emergency landing

Vegas-bound trippers forced to wait for emergency landing

  • Photographers captured the faulty landing gear as the plane circled Samuel Pilcher/@SamPilcher/Twitter

Anna Dubuis

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Big bang theory to pulling a great cracker

  • Students at the Langton school in Canterbury pulled 1,000 crackers using a variety of grips to find which was the bestRichard Pohle/The Times

Tom Whipple… 507 more words

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DNA testing promises healthcare revolution

DNA testing promises healthcare revolution

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh: ‘Embracing genomics will position us at the forefront of science’

Tom Pilston/The Times

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