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Frankly, We're Tired Of Being Demonized...

In his latest column for The American Spectator, Ross Kaminsky attempts to defend his belief that majority opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts in the… 1,227 more words

Fools & Idiots

Birthday Suit: Elevator Repar Service's Arguendo, reviewed.

I reviewed Arguendo, Elevator Repair Service’s comic treatment of a 1991 Supreme Court case that no longer seems momentous if ever it did, for the Washington City Paper.

Washington City Paper

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On The Monitor this week:

The first interview was supposed to be with Suzanne Massie but there was in issue with the recording of the interview so that will be played on next week’s show. 637 more words


Can’t We Just Say the Roberts Court Is Corrupt? ...

The Satanic Capitalist | Can’t We Just Say the Roberts Court Is Corrupt? ….

By Mike LofgrenTruthout | Op-Ed

Even in the absence of what Justice Roberts narrowly defines as “quid pro quo corruption,” a court that consistently decides all relevant cases on behalf of corporate interests – most recently McCutcheon v.

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Quote of the Day

“The court left intact how much any person can give to a single federal candidate, but it did away with the limit on how much anybody can give to all candidates put together. 971 more words


Shit that Pissed me off - 4/4

Idiot Climbs a Rock, Injures Himself and Sues the City for Creating Unsafe Conditions

This moron is probably going to win, too.

He saw a rock sculpture and thought it looked like a lot of fun to climb around on it.  1,245 more words