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On Gratitude

For my family. For the family I was born into, who have all my firsts and know me to my bones. For the family I married into, who know all the parts of Aaron I wish I knew and who love and respect the new family he and I have created. 290 more words

The Sweet Life

My BioEssence Good Customer Service Experience

It was 7:00 pm when I got there and I was worried they may be closed for the day, thankfully not. When I first stepped inside the BIOESSENCE branch in LPL Tower Condo, just right at 112 Legaspi St. 383 more words

Food & Lifestyle

Macaron Smackdown

Macarons are one of those deserts that you look dainty while eating it. Cupcakes had their time in the spotlight as the most trendy desert, but macarons now seem to be the thing the cool kids are Instagramming. 518 more words

what books do

In first year uni philosophy, one of the essays we read was titled – does literature humanize? I went on to study literature for four years, and since then – decades ago – the question of the role of literature, now in our culture almost entirely sidelined, niggles. 582 more words

Brave New World

Chocolate is good for your soul..and so are Mug Cakes

I went to the Chromeo concert Monday night, and it was awesome. Because election day is coming up, and the week ahead is going to be very stressful, I wanted to be extra rested, and ready to go get em’ (tiger). 420 more words

Pumpkin Pie Showdown

Every year, I eat two thanksgiving dinners. Not trying to brag, in fact, I’ve dubbed the week after thanksgiving my ‘anything but jeans’ week (just a cuter way of saying I’m only wearing sweatpants. 411 more words

The Greatest Risk In Life Is Never Taking One

As what I have eventually learned, sometimes in the wind of changes we find our true direction.. After so many opportunities, numerous trial and errors a time will come that we can finally be confident to say this. 66 more words

Self Improvement