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Pumpkin Pie Showdown

Every year, I eat two thanksgiving dinners. Not trying to brag, in fact, I’ve dubbed the week after thanksgiving my ‘anything but jeans’ week (just a cuter way of saying I’m only wearing sweatpants. 411 more words

The Sweet Life

The Greatest Risk In Life Is Never Taking One

As what I have eventually learned, sometimes in the wind of changes we find our true direction.. After so many opportunities, numerous trial and errors a time will come that we can finally be confident to say this. 66 more words

Self Improvement

The 9 Types of People who say no to Girl Guides

The other night I was doing my homework and I heard the doorbell ring. Then it rang again. And again.

I heard my Dad’s footsteps, the door open, and him say in a jovial tone,“I’ll go get my wallet.” It was at this point I jumped out of my chair, grabbed my wallet, and went to the door. 395 more words

The Sweet Life

Race Recap: Twin Cities 10 Mile

This is, undoubtedly, my most favorite race in Minnesota.

The course is challenging but gorgeous, the crowds are fantastic, and Twin Cities in Motion works so hard to make the whole experience excellent. 827 more words

I've Got The Runs

I baked with vegetables and (almost) burnt the house down

I want to start by saying two things:

1) I am 20 years old and I read O, The Oprah Magazine and I think it gives way better advice than Cosmopolitan. 627 more words

The Sweet Life

Oh I've fallen and I can't get up...for Doughnuts

Picture this: you’re ordering your drink of choice at Parlour Coffee, when your eyes hone in on a freshly made plate of donuts. Your face opens up, a smile spreads like butter on toast, and you say – either out loud or in your head – “ooooh doughnuts.” (Think like Homer from The Simpsons). 752 more words

The Sweet Life