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Home Improvement

I’ve started and almost finished a few home projects over the last month! The bark project in my front yard is finally done. It’s been a few months in the making and I’m happy with the outcome. 87 more words

The Sweet Life

Traditional Apple Pie (for beginners)

After binge watching the entire first season of The Mind of a Chef over Christmas break, I felt the need to bake something difficult, and put my non-existent baking skills to the test (I know y’all appreciate the entertainment). 620 more words

The week from hell: breakfast, no sweets for 5 days, and being sick

Well I never thought I’d say this, but I refrained from eating sweets for 5 days. No peanut butter, cookies, chocolate, cake, honey in my tea, sugar in my coffee, biscotti, granola bars, or happiness. 559 more words

Wendy's Reportedly Dropping Soda From Kids' Meals

More than a year after McDonald’s announced plans to remove sodas from Happy Meals, the folks at Wendy’s have reportedly decided that they should also stop including the sugary drinks in their kids’ meals. 280 more words

2015: Looking Fully Forward

I have been slow to write this post because I really wanted to finish the Reverb 14 posts, but the remaining prompts just aren’t inspiring to the point that I really feel like I have something new to say. 469 more words

The Sweet Life

The Best Desserts of 2014

I know it’s January because the pants I bought before christmas don’t fit and there’s way too much leftover baking and chocolate in my house. Getting a semi-healthy snack is like running through a minefield — there’s calorie bombs everywhere and I’m trying to avoid temptation. 267 more words

Ding Dong 2014 is Dead

It’s been a while since my last post and unfortunately that means I’ve been exorbitantly busy.

Working in a world of E-Commerce and marketing for small businesses is a field that I am treading into within the New Year. 302 more words

The Sweet Life