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Incredulity, not docility

An inquiring mind, one that challenges authority, and has a mentoring relationship with teachers


A soft compliant mind.

The Common Core debate is important not simply because of the standards’ immediate effects on pupils, but because it offers us an opportunity to ask the biggest questions about our education system: What should be the guiding ethos of public education in a democratic society?

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Brave New World

happily intrinsic

Alain Laboile

Between friendship and fame pick friendship:

Consider fame. In 2009, researchers from the University of Rochester conducted a study tracking the success of 147 recent graduates in reaching their stated goals after graduation.

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The Sweet Life

Hand Warmer Project

With a little help from my new design assistant, I was able to get farther along in my hand warmer design. I can’t wait for them to be done and for the weather to finally cool down enough for me to wear them!

The Sweet Life


While away on my Northern adventure, along with a new found love of indie fashion, I came across an extensive yarn store. I could have spent hours nestled away in its aisles, but I found a yarn that called to me almost immediately. 44 more words

The Sweet Life

A Natural City

When I heard Seattle was nick named the “Emerald City” I could only guess it was because the rain ushers in rich trees in the surrounding area. 42 more words

The Sweet Life

Main Seattle Attractions

Of course you can’t visit Seattle without seeing the major attractions. Pike Place Market is a must see. The fish stands and farmer’s market is a scene and Beecher’s has some of the best Mac & Cheese I’ve ever had. 25 more words

The Sweet Life

Trip to Seattle

This last weekend I took a trip to the Emerald City. I loved the fashion that crossed between the occasional cloudy weather and the summer sun. 32 more words

The Sweet Life