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The Teacher 10

Hi, there.

This is Episode 10 of The Teacher Series. If you missed any of the past episodes, kindly catch up at this link ———->  3,688 more words

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I was a Certified Flight Instructor for 10 years at the Burlington, Vermont international airport. I couldn’t get enough of flying. Actually, this was during a difficult time in my life, and getting up in the air helped me to keep my feet on the ground. 1,118 more words


All is Breath

It seems that the writer of Ecclesiastes wanted to show us that nothing under the sun would give us purpose. Much of our culture’s time is spent looking for meaning in science, entertainment, money, and status. 224 more words

The Teacher 8

Hi, there.

This is Episode 8 of The Teacher Series. If you missed out on any of the past episodes, kindly catch up at this link ———->  3,359 more words

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The Teacher 7

Hi, folks.

This is the 7th episode in the series “The Teacher”. Do enjoy and, please, let me have your thoughts on it.


- Greg Emuze. 3,803 more words

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Grade 3 Spring Crafting - Crayon Melting

How exactly my entire class made their own crayon melt without burning down the school with hairdryers is a little lost on me…but hey, it worked! 277 more words


Making Standardized Testing Week Fun (I mean...is that even possible!?)

No teacher likes this week. My third graders were scared–they’ve heard so much about high stakes testing both in and out of school. I try not to put pressure on them, but the whole world is talking about these tests and the common core standards. 45 more words