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A Mechanical Moses

An odd thing occurs if one tries to locate Mount Sinai within a recent atlas – for that mountain of such storied import is no longer where one might expect to find it. 1,619 more words


Ticket To Ride, Chapter 19: The sea joins the sky on a day heavy with fog...

Therapy Session Number Two


“The whole time we were having sex I kept repeating her name. On the floor, wishing we were in a bed. 2,145 more words

Book Excerpts

Remember the Sabbath

This is the fourth commandment The first four commandments deal with our relationship to God while the remaining commandments deal with interpersonal relationships on earth. … 410 more words

Bible Inspire; Nuggets Of Truth.

Gregory's Vacation Bible School: The Ten Commandments

Welcome, Dear Readers to the very last week of Gregory’s Vacation Bible School. Next week, Gregory will go back to attending regular Sunday School where the teacher will continue working her way through the bible, story by story.   762 more words


CBC Holiday - Movie day!

Hello friends! On next Sunday in all the CBCs island wide we are going to show this very nice movie , a wonderful story of the Bible.  20 more words

#TieBlog #Vaetchanan #Shabbat Nachamu

I love my Ten Commandments tie because there are three occasions during the year when I can wear it in connection with a public reading of the Decalogue. 171 more words

Advices And Ethics In Shamanism

In today’s society, we are all used to hear about the ten commandments of the religions of abrahamic based beliefs, when Moses came down the hill telling about them to everyone. 722 more words

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